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Cara Ricketts is an award winning actress with over 15 years as a professional in the business. One of her first performances was as 'Peggy Sue', a gun that is owned and used by an inner city youth in Joseph Jomo Pierre's Born Ready. Right from the beginning, work and advocacy or rather advocacy-through-work has been major part of Ms. Ricketts career. Born and raised in Jane and Finch to gracing the Broadway stage she has been privy to many experiences and is accustomed to meeting barriers and breaking them.

After completing her training at Humber College for theatre performance, Cara immediately began to work in the Toronto theatre scene playing parts like 'Benetha' in Soulpepper's original run of A Raisin in the Sun, which she had been working in tandem while playing 'Titania' in A Midsummer Night's Dream in High Park. She also worked with Peter Fonda in The Gathering, her first film. All this led to her joining the Stratford Festival where she would spend four years, training and performing classical plays, being a proud member of colour in the newly diversified company at that time. She undertook the part of Portia in Julius Caesar, and being a young company member, would continue her studies with her conservatory tutor following her character death in lieu of the company bow. This dedication and commitment led to other parts, most notable being 'Ruth' in Harold Pinter's The Homecoming (for which she received the company's Best Actress award) and 'Imogen' in Cymbeline for The Festival's 60th anniversary and Cara's last year with Stratford.

She went on to play 'Roxanne' to Derrick Lee Weeden's 'Cyrano' for the Pacific Conservatory Theatre in Santa Maria, California, then playing the part of 'Berthilda Mathias' in CBC/BET's The Book of Negroes before joining The Actor's Conservatory at the CFC. Since completing her studies her credits have gone on to include: More theatre, Cara performed in her first musical as Queenie in The Wild Party for The Musical Stage Company, 'Joan' in Roundabout Theater's Broadway production of Time and The Conways; Video game performance working with Ubisoft on theFar Cry franchise, first as Sayla in Far Cry Primal, Dr. Sarah Perkeins in Far Cry 5, then as Mickey- one half of The Twins in Far Cry New Dawn; Voice over on a few games most notably 'Xenia' in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and 'Nahari Martin' in Hyperscape; Screen credits such as Anne with an E, Orphan Black, Titans, Law and Order: SVU and most recently, Cara received ACTRAs Outstanding Performance award for her portrayal of 'Mary LaCroix' inAnne with an E and played the lead role of Lilly Rue's on CBC's reboot lawyer drama Street Legal.

Represented by: Alicia Jeffery, The Characters Talent Agency, 416.964.8522

The CFC Actors Conservatory CLOSE-UPS are 3- to 6-minute cinematic works based on original characters created by the actors. These productions are intended for the big screen, and are designed to promote the actors and their talents in an entertaining and meaningful way.