Samantha Hodder

Samantha Hodder

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TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

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Samantha Hodder is a Toronto-born independent producer and writer. She has worked in many different sectors of the media world in various capacities, from magazines to radio, interactive film to documentary film.Three years ago, she co-founded the company Tightrope, with fellow residents of theCanadian Film Centre.Their first project, also called "Tightrope," is a prototype for an interactive film."Tightrope" was débuted at the 2001 South by Southwest Interactive Art Show in Austin, Texas.Since then, it has been featured atIDFA in Amsterdam, E3 in Los Angeles, SIFT in Ottawa andHot Docs in Toronto.In 2002, Samantha was awarded the Al Waxman Calling Card for her first documentary film, The Mantelpiece, which will be aired on TVOntario later this year.