Lynn Ridley

Lynn Ridley

Program Completed at the CFC

OCAD U Graduate Program in Digital Futures

Completion Year


Current Information

Current Company

JAN Kelley Marketing

Current Title

Vice President, Creative


Lynn is the Creative Director at JAN Kelley Marketing– which basically means, she dabbles in all facets of the business and then brings it all together. On a day-to-day basis, this has her working on client strategies, then overseeing the creative results. Lynn has a fantastic creative eye and a knack for coming up with brilliant ideas. Plus, she has that rare, yet oh-so important, skill of being able to keep the creative juices flowing when they’re feeling pretty tapped. Her passion for the job is relentless – this is never more evident then when your BlackBerry, (left on "vibrate") breaks the dead-of-night silence like a jackhammer as another idea gets sent out to the team. And when the day’s done and/or the conscious mind needs a bit of a breather, Lynn’s always game for telling a few war stories over a couple pints, or a good belt of her treasured Glenrothes single malt scotch.