Shuting Chang

Shuting Chang

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OCAD U Gradute Program in Digital Futures

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User Experience Designer Intern


Shuting Chang

I am pursuing a Master's degree in Interaction Design ( Digital Futures) at OCAD University, the oldest school for art and design in Canada, expected May 2013.

I love to create beautiful stuff. Besides 20 years drawing practice, I enjoy placing food with cool and warm colors onto plates in a lovely way. I used to think drawing would be my lifelong career. But my geeky part just keeps jumping out. I reset Bios battery when my parents set a password on my PC. I learned to code when the poor quality of browser-rendered Flash blocked my visual design from perfection. I am always fascinated by the back-end mechanics, as those are the keys to successful interaction.

User experience design blends two sides of me together. I believe in user-centered design methods as they give innovation clues and support. I also believe in the emotional aspects of design, such as how user experiences reinforce positive emotions.

I am a sensitive and empathetic observer of life: major banks' teller computer systems have out of date UI, filled with raw data; too many steps are needed to finish a simple debit transaction, creating long lineups; some websites put important information to some hidden corners, frustrated users. Those wasted time and negative emotions are caused by the flaw of design. The world can be better, as a designer, I'm responsible for it.