Dee Balkissoon

Dee Balkissoon

Program Completed at the CFC

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Title of CFC Production Involved In


Discipline Studied at CFC

Media Lab

Completion Year

2010 Spring

Current Information

Current Company

DruMeBa Inc.

Current Title

President & Co-Founder


I am a dedicated professional with extensive experience in distribution, marketing, short-content production, new media, product development, retail and marketing research. 

I enjoyed my 20+ years in home entertainment, with 10 of those years in retail and the remaining time in distribution, marketing, product development and production. Recently, I am an alumnus of the Canadian Film Center's New Media Lab and have a interactive project in late development.

I am also involved with a boutique marketing research firm so I can utilize my diverse skill set and knowledge to help other organizations understand their target market and build strategies to help grow their success.

I continue to be interested in collaborating with others ranging from to starting something new together, to utilizing my expertise to help you with your own venture.