Ten CFC Alumni Nominated for 11 Distinct Projects at Ninth Annual CCE Awards

Posted: Apr 2, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) have nominated 10 CFC alumni, most of whom are from our Cineplex Film Program’s Editors’ Lab, in recognition of their skillful editorial eye on an eclectic 11 projects (alumnus Seth Poulin was a member of our Directors’ Lab).

CFC alumni contributed to projects spanning the worlds of feature films to short documentaries, television drama to comedy, reality TV to miniseries, and web-based series to movies of the week (MOW).

Winners will be announced at the ninth annual CCE Awards on Thursday, May 30, 2019, at an evening celebrating excellence in editing film, television and digital media at the Delta Hotel in Toronto.

Congratulations to all our CFC alumni who were nominated, listed below, and to the full list of nominees!

A still image of two girls holding hands while spinning around in a circle, outside on an open field

‘Firecrackers’ – Photo Credit: Courtesy of TIFF

Best Editing in Documentary- Short Form

Greg Ng – Finding Big Country

Best Editing in Feature Film

Dev Singh – Ghostland

Greg Ng – At First Light

Simone Smith – Firecrackers

A girl standing in an empty field with a hat in her hand, looking up at the sky with her arms wide open

‘Anne with an E’ – Photo Credit: Chris Reardon, CBC

Best Editing in TV Drama

Stephen Philipson, CCE – Anne with an E, “Youth is the Season of Hope”

Best Editing in MOW/Mini-Series

James Patrick – Caught

A still image of three men sitting at a poolside table talking to each other over some drinks, and a lady laying on her back on the tanning chair by the pool in a distance.

‘Caught’ – Photo Credit: CBC

Best Editing in Reality/Competition/Lifestyle

Seth Poulin – Top Chef Canada, “Finale Four Ways”

Best Editing in Web Based Series

Christine Armstrong – Kristal Clear, Episode 107, “Only with Heart”

Two men who are standing side by side each other, the man on the left is holding a corgi dog, and both of them have shocked expressions on their faces.

‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ – Photo Credit: Bettina Straube, BBC-America

Best Editing in TV Comedy

Dev Singh – Little Dog, Episode 107

John Nicholls – Little Dog, Episode 102

Kye Meechan – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, “Two Broken Fingers”

Best Editing in Family: MOW, Live Action

Courtney Goldman – Odd Squad, “World Turned Odd” (one-hour special)

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