Little Bookcase Publications


“Little Bookcase Publications” is a four-player co-operative board game which offers an experiential hands-on understanding of Holacracy fundamentals via contextualized simulation. Players act as partners...

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Please Touch


Using the oddly shaped sculptures to interact with their environment, the participant is invited to push, prod, squeeze, and move around the sculpture-bots located within...

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Wisewrds is a web application to facilitate part-time bridge employment through mentorship to retired and/or retirement-eligible faculty members in the academic sector. Through a user-centered...

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Habitual Instinct


Habitual Instinct challenges the predefined expectations participants hold with their relationship to technology and data by exposing anthropomorphic projections onto autonomous systems. The role Habitual...

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Emilia is a thesis project that investigates solutions to mitigate loneliness by supporting elders to connect with their families and friends through more intimate and...

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Social Medium


In response to the socio-cultural impact of Internet connected devices, this research project seeks to create opportunities for real world, face to face interaction between...

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layout of smart kit

SMARTKIT is a hacking toolkit created to allow individuals with little hacking ability to enchant the ordinary functionality of home furnishings and endow them with...

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Ijiam is a project that uses digital technologies to create audiovisual adaptations of ancestral wisdom from the Shuar indigenous community of the Ecuadorian Amazon, transposing...

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Toronto AR Map

armap img

The Toronto AR Map is an interactive augmented reality installation created entirely using publicly available Toronto open government data. The purpose of the TO AR...

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