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Mortise and Tenon

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Thousands of historical buildings in China are experiencing severe problems such as funding shortages, low market attention, and poor renovation. These problems are turning into...

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microcosm 770

Microcosm explores the potential of responsive, evolving games through the lenses of play theory and cybernetics. It aims to provide an engaging play experience while supporting...

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MobileSync WEB

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With the development of mobile technology, smart-phones have become a necessity in our daily lives. Various sensors andmulti-touch screens of smart-phones have contributed to a large...

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Mis/Represent examines stereotypes and representation attributed to visible minorities and women in the AAA video game industry. Looking through modes of identity creation, along with...

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Mako Ads


Mako is an example of next generation, interactive, episodic/story based collectable advertising for the web. The user follows the journey of two people who fall in love...

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Mobile Mysteries


Mobile Mysteries is a wireless, interactive murder mystery role-playing game, whereby players receive clues and instructions via text on their cell phones.

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