​Keep Cool with These CFC Alumni Series Streaming Throughout Summer 2019

Posted: Jun 10, 2019

Although it doesn’t quite feel like summer in Canada just yet, the first day of the supposedly sunniest season is just around the corner. As the temperature starts to heat up, it may be tempting to put the remote control down and embrace the outdoors. But don’t forget that summer is also a great time for TV, as evidenced by these series made by and/or starring CFC alumni coming to a small screen – computer, phone, or traditional TV set – near you over the next few months.

Woman with skull makeup on her face pulls up a black hood around her head

THE 410

This new digital original drama comes from talented CBC Actors Conservatory alumna Supinder Wraich. The series, which Wraich wrote and co-produced, follows a young Indian woman named Suri (played by Wraich) who is forced to move back to Brampton after her truck driver father ends up in jail. Other than Wraich, CFC alumni on The 410 include Renuka Jeyapalan (director), Jade Hassouné (actor) and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux (editor).

You can stream all of Season 1 of The 410 now on CBC Gem.

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Feel like you could use a fill-up on homegrown hilarity? Well, good news: Season 2 of Corner Gas Animated debuts on Canada Day, with two back-to-back episodes starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Comedy Network. (The first episode is apparently about Brent having nightmares about Canadian treasure Michael J. Fox, so clearly a must-watch.)

Bell Media Prime Time TV Program alumna Diana Frances writes fort his award-winning spin-off of the beloved Canadian comedy, while another alumna, Janice Dawe, has been a consulting producer on it.

Three tweens stand together while looking surprised to see something off-screen


If you or a tween in your life are looking for a great escape after school’s out, you might want to check out Detention Adventure, streaming now on CBC Gem.

This quirky and colourful action-adventure series is inspired by ‘80s flicks like The Goonies and The Breakfast Club and follows three nerds and one bully as they accidentally discover Alexander Graham Bell’s secret lab. What’s more, it’s executive produced by Cineplex Film Program alumna Lauren Corber and features music from Slaight Music Residency alumni Antonio Naranjo and Erica Procunier!

Two Indigenous folks stand together while holding up their fists in solidarity


Summer may often be associated with disconnecting, but it’s also a great opportunity to carve out some time to learn something new about yourself and the world around you. That’s where Season 2 of Future History comes in.

Executive produced by alumnae Jennifer Podemski and Janice Dawe and directed by Podemski, Future History is a documentary series that aims to reclaim Indigenous history by taking audiences into various communities and sharing real-life stories and experiences. Don’t miss it Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on APTN.

White man in black jacket and black gloves sits next to a dog who is appearing to eat a cupcake


No one loves the warmer weather than dogs, so it seems appropriate that Citytv’s Hudson & Rex returns with all-new episodes June 13 at 8 p.m.

This doggone original procedural, which follows a human-canine detective team, first debuted in March. Bell Media Prime Time TV Program alumni John Callaghan and Simon McNabb are writers on the series, while CBC Actors Conservatory alumni Patrick Kwok-Choon and Emily Piggford have small roles in Season 1.

Woman with a nose bleed looks at the camera in shock


We hate to be a, well, killjoy, but Killjoys, created by Bell Media Prime Time TV Program alumna Michelle Lovretta, is coming to an end this summer.

The final season of the sci-fi saga begins on Space (Canada) and Syfy (America) on Friday, July 19. Aside from Lovretta, countless CFC alumni have worked on this cross-border hit over the years, so you definitely don’t want to miss the beginning of its end.

Close-up of brunette woman in a beige beret in front of a door


Speaking of endings, the last season of Mary Kills People, created by former Bell Media Prime Time TV Program resident Tara Armstrong, is currently airing Sundays on Global, with the series finale set for Sunday June 16 at 8 p.m.

Season 3 of Mary Kills People was executive produced by sister alumnae (and recent CFC Award for Creative Excellence recipients) Amy and Tassie Cameron, with alumna Marsha Greene joining Tassie as a co-showrunner after spending the first two seasons, uh, killing it as a writer, story editor and producer. Other alumni on Season 3 include Jane Maggs (supervising producer and writer), Roslyn Kalloo (editor) and James Genn (director).


Hungry for some comedic relief? Give Ming’s Dynastynow available on CBC Gem, a taste!

Alumnus Michael Peterson produced and executive produced this new series, which follows two Toronto-based rappers who end up moving to Alberta to run a Chinese restaurant. 

Medium close-up of a man and a woman standing next to one another with their arms crossed


Look out because this hit alumni series (co-created by alumna Shelley Eriksen) is back for Season 3, with fresh sets of episodes heading your way Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Global.

This season of Private Eyes, which stars Cindy Sampson and Jason Priestley, welcomes some stellar guest stars including Gordon Pinsent, William Shatner, Jann Arden, CBC Actors Conservatory alumnus Patrick Kwok-Choon and RUDE star Sharon Lewis. Alumnus Alex Jordan is also a producer on the series, while alumni like James Genn, Sudz Sutherland and Gail Harvey directed episodes this year.

Close-up of a red-haired woman wearing a black bonnet sitting in church


If you’re looking for a drama fix this summer, be sure to check out Season 2 of Pure. Alex Paxton-Beesley stars as Mennonite drug trafficker Anna Funk in the former CBC series, which is now airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Super Channel Fuse.

It’s also worth noting that Ken Girotti directed much of this season, while alumna Waneta Storms penned an upcoming episode.

A figure in all black and a mask with neon detailing on the face stands in the middle of a rave


What’s scarier than going outside in the middle of the July without sunscreen or a hat? Staying home and watching Season 3 of Canadian horror anthology series Slasher (created by alumnus Aaron Martin)!

Now streaming on Netflix, Slasher: Solstice follows the residents of an apartment complex as they get hunted down by a masked murdered over a 24-hour period. Quite a few alumni worked behind the scenes (or should we say screams?) this season, including Jay Bennett (producer), Ian Carpenter (executive producer/writer) and Matt MacLennan (consulting producer).

Alumni! Did we miss you or your summer series? Please let us know by emailing alumni@cfccreates.com.

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