In Memoriam: Todd Brian

Posted: Jan 10, 2023

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Written by Kathryn Emslie, Executive Lead, Programs

“What are you watching these days?”

Todd would have about six or seven recommendations at any given time for films and TV shows that you “simply had to watch”. He loved stories, was a consummate storyteller and believed wholeheartedly that stories could impact change.

While Todd loved and was drawn to prime time TV, he actually found a remarkable home in the kids and family space. He was as comfortable speaking and engaging with a 3-year-old as he was with a septuagenarian – so to his many friends and colleagues, it was not at all surprising to see him flourish in a space where diversity, inclusion, kindness and learning were wrapped up in a more forward-looking approach. WildBrain was where Todd was able to impact change for future generations, seeding a more positive and diverse and welcoming influence one child at a time.

Todd brought his wickedly quick sense of humour, expansive knowledge of pop culture, appreciation for classical references, empathy, curiousity and enthusiasm to whatever table he had the chance to sit at – driven always by a deep desire to connect and understand one other and to ideally have a laugh while doing just that.

His big smile and even bigger heart will be greatly missed.

Todd completed the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program at the CFC in 2004, driven by his lifelong desire for knowledge. We’re grateful and humbled that he chose the CFC as part of his storytelling journey.

Read Todd’s obituary here.

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