In Memoriam: Cathrine Cook

Posted: Mar 9, 2023

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Written by Kathryn Emslie, Executive Lead, Programs

We are deeply saddened to share the news that our dear colleague, Cathrine Cook, passed away on March 6, 2023, peacefully with her husband Brian by her side and surrounded by her family. After treatment and recovery from breast cancer in 2021, Cathrine received news this past January that her cancer had returned, and that treatment was no longer an option for her.

Cathrine was an amazing colleague and friend to all of us at the CFC and everyone in CFC’s network and community. We wanted to share just a bit of her CFC story.

Cathrine Cook (formerly Scott) worked at the CFC for almost 19 years. Over her many years at the CFC, Cathrine was the expert and steady, caring hand on the post production and technical side of the CFC. She was at the epicentre of all the exercises and stories we produced through our film, TV, music and acting programs. Cathrine guided and worked with hundreds of residents as they created their work in all our various programs, elevating the quality of all the content the CFC created and shared in theatres and online.

Cathrine also played a major role in the many public-facing components of our programs, such as our industry showcases, master classes, and Black History Month events. She also lent her technical savvy and support to all our fundraising events over the years, like our annual galas and BBQs (now called HOMECOMING). Cathrine was also responsible for organizing our older film prints and tapes, and archiving this content, working to preserve what CFC alumni and storytellers have created at the CFC since its inception.

In her time at the CFC, Cathrine built strong relationships with the residents, alumni, staff, mentors and post supply houses she worked with, earning their trust and respect as a valuable, committed and professional colleague and friend. Cathrine made countless people’s CFC journeys and interactions a remarkable experience. She  epitomized caring, kindness and positivity, even during times of great stress. She was a warm, welcoming, supportive, creative, loyal and innovative member of our organization – who loved what she did, and who felt great pride in supporting the storytellers and talent at the CFC.

Famous for her annual TIFF film watching blitzes – with sometimes close to 50 films seen during the fest, complete with capsule reviews of each film – Cathrine loved movies (and TV), was an ardent Midnight Madness fan, loved music and musicals and was thrilled when we added the Slaight Family Music Lab into our programming lineup, and she took to heart Norman’s words about how stories can change us and the world. 

Cathrine was truly a wonderful colleague and an even better friend. She made the experience better, she made the work better, and she made us all better.  She leaves a remarkable and profound legacy at the CFC and beyond. She will be deeply missed.

Discussions are underway regarding how we can best recognize and honour Cathrine and her huge contributions to the CFC. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Cathrine’s husband Brian, her parents Sandi and Brian, sisters Lisa and Kim, to her extended family, her many friends and to everyone whose lives she touched.

Read Cathrine’s obituary here.

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