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​The Balanced Practice


The Balanced Practice is a service based virtual practice helping folks develop healthier relationships with food and their bodies. We specialize in eating disorder/disordered eating recovery in an outpatient setting. We support clients through nutrition counselling, psychotherapy and group programs. The Balanced Practice works from an anti-diet, weight inclusive approach to create a safe environment for our clients to heal.

The Gorgeous Spice Company


The Gorgeous Spice Company makes wildly original spice blends for the kitchen adventurer and culinary free spirit in us all. The heart of the Gorgeous experience is our custom blends, and here’s why: Blends are fun. They’re versatile, they’re easy to use (and hard to overuse), and they encourage experimentation. You don’t have to fuss or be an expert to get great results.

All of our spices and blends are fresh ground and hand-blended for us locally. We grind them in small batches using a manual process that preserves their natural oils, which is where the flavour is!

The Green Line


The Green Line is a new local outlet that investigates the way we live to produce journalism that helps young Torontonians survive and thrive in a rapidly changing city. It's a resource that helps gen Zs and millennials take action on issues that matter to them and their communities.

By investigating the way we live, The Green Line gets to the root of the issues that impact Torontonians the most. We collaborate with journalists and creators from the communities we serve to report on local solutions that target the sources — not the symptoms — of the biggest problems facing our city. Toronto has a layered history and lots of collective knowledge; that’s why we meet locals in the digital and physical spaces they already inhabit to surface stories that actually matter to them. Our goal? To redefine the city’s identity by centring the people and places that are the driving force behind Toronto’s culture and sense of community.

Through humor and how-to journalism, we encourage locals to invest in Toronto’s future by breaking down complex stories in a relatable way. Through in-depth reporting, we equip Torontonians to take action on the issues they learn about in The Green Line.

The Logic


The Logic was founded in 2018 to help build the future of the innovation economy by providing in-depth reporting on the organizations, policies and people driving transformational change. Everything we do is underscored by our commitment to making Canada a better place to live and work—by sparking important conversations about what the country wants to be.

At The Logic, we believe the best days of journalism are ahead of us, with readers—not advertisers—at our core.

The Ops Collective


Monetize your expertise.

Boost your revenue and earn passive income with our done-for-you course creation and funnel building services.

Ops Collective helps creatives and service providers create profitable online courses in less than 30 days. We are your shortcut to creating a revenue stream with the knowledge you already have.

Add a new revenue stream to your business with ease. Let our team of educators, graphic designers, copywriters, and tech experts do the heavy lifting. All you need is your knowledge. We'll do the rest.

​The Venue Global


The Venue Global has created a smart technology that allows users to tailor their entertainment experience to their unique needs; providing real-time data on what is worth attending and who else will be there! The technology also provides a solution to increase profitability for venues, successfully promote events and effectively plan outings.

This transformative technology came from the daily frustrations of wanting to share and access real-time data, manage expectations for outings and maximize meaningful attendance from events.

Third Culture


Third Culture is a narrative-driven production company based in Toronto, Canada. Our work promotes cultural diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Under the leadership of company directors Maya Annik Bedward and Kate Fraser, we provide development and production services to the Canadian screen-based content industry. 

Torus Media Labs


VFX artist Mike Sevigny and film editor Aden Bahadori have been providing award-winning post-production solutions for more than 14 years. The duo got into 360˚ VFX plugin development when they realized its potential for storytelling and innovation. Torus Media Labs is dedicated to providing the best in 360˚ software solutions, and closing the gap between the present and future of immersive filmmaking. In October 2016, Torus Media Labs joined the Adobe Tech Partnership program and at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in April 2017, Torus Media Labs officially launched CANVAS 360™ Pro, the most comprehensive VFX in VR tool on the market. 



Transpose is a creative agency who makes branding and creative services financially accessible to nonconformist entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur - regardless of where they are and what budgets they have - deserves to have a solid brand. Branding isn't just for the privileged few. You need it regardless of what you do.



Tumello connects people to the podcast content that matters most to them. Our intelligent system categorizes podcasts by using a topic engine of more than 30,000 topics based on currently discussed internet content – enabling Tumello to offer better, more personalized content recommendations.



Founded in 2002, Turbulent builds award-winning digital platforms that engage audiences with an emphasis on content, community, and commerce. Creative and efficient, we love challenges and imagining the best solutions to address them. We believe that the achievement of ambitious projects and brands starts with a creative use of technology. Passionate about our work and working as a team, combining our strengths to always surpass ourselves, we are convinced that the quality of our projects is proportional to the passion we have in achieving them.



U-Dimensions is a video game marketing and merchandising platform specializing in 3D-printed personalized collectibles based on fan favorite video game characters. Fans can customize their favorite game characters by changing color and size, and even have the opportunity to build their own 3D-printed game merchandise.

U-Dimensions' goal is to make it easier for game companies to develop and expand their merchandise line, and to allow these companies to gain extra profit from games. The unique, free platform makes it possible for game companies to reach a larger audience, and allows for a variety of 3D-printing merchandise options. Our software allows for company's 2D or 3D game elements to be automatically converted into 3D-print ready elements. The free model also allows game companies to gain commission while U-Dimensions takes care of production and distribution.

​Vesta Social Innovation Technologies


Vesta Social Innovation Technologies is a social enterprise building an information and reporting platform for sexual assault and harassment. Founded by Lucrezia Spagnolo in 2017, VESTA was created to do the impossible: end rape culture. Sitting at the intersection of technology, access to justice, and trauma-informed support, VESTA Social Innovation Technologies is one of the organizations funded under Women and Gender Equality Canada.



The weDstll™ is a Toronto, Ontario based technology company. Our mobile platform is highly-customizable and matches like-minded shoppers with each other and with natural beauty brands based on their shared values. We distill the details so our users don’t have to choose between their beliefs and the products they love. weDstll™ is focused on empowering women and working with values and story-driven companies that are committed to inner beauty as well as making simple, effective and non-toxic products. Our mission is to create a values-based, transparent and collaborative community of shoppers and natural beauty companies where each helps the other meet their goals. 

​Window Dreams Productions


Window Dreams Productions is an award-winning production house that specializes in impact production that is ready for the global market.

We shed light on underrepresented stories that break the mold and go beyond what has been traditionally seen on screen. 



Xesto is an early stage machine learning startup based in Toronto looking to change the way developers and creators approach touchless application development. We want to enable a touchless world across industries and be the catalyst for moving away from touchscreens and keyboards into a more fluid, intuitive experience.