Documentary has grown in popularity over the years, effecting social, environmental and political change. For the past decade, the internet has played a major role in democratizing the distribution and marketing of documentaries. We believe the time has come to democratize documentary production. So in 2017, we decided to create a network of documentary lovers and changemakers that would fund impactful content and help filmmakers maintain the freedom that they need to create.



Driftscape connects local destinations with visitors via our mobile apps. We focus on local culture so visitors can find the best of what’s nearby. Local destinations get powerful tools to learn about their visitors, at a fraction of the cost of building their own app.

We work with respected cultural organizations like Historical Canada, National Trust for Canada and Heritage Toronto to create a single place for users to learn about where they are from trusted experts.

Our mission is to make local culture easier to discover. We believe that creating a platform where diverse stories can be shared will inspire a greater understanding of the spaces we inhabit and the people we share them with.

Driftscape was built by an experienced team working between Toronto and Waterloo, and was founded in 2017.

e.d. films


e→d films is a Montreal-based animation studio that makes award-winning films with a handcrafted feel. Known for using a unique blend of animation techniques and innovative technologies, the studio produces short-form cultural and educational projects in collaboration with public broadcasters, national film boards, not-for-profits and brands around the world. Most recently, e→d films launched an online store to provide other creators with the tools, assets and resources developed during its productions.



EatSleepRIDE® Motorcycle GPS is a mobility platform for motorcycle riders combining community, safety and mapping. ESR designed and developed AI technology to diagnose, predict and prevent motorcycle related injury.



Writers - in school and professional settings - may be able to easily acquire content (i.e. Google search), but struggle to communicate appropriately in English for specific contexts. The status quo includes various word processing software options and text editors, but nothing to help bridge the gap from content acquisition to final prose. EssayJack is a web-based solution offering scaffolding for writing so that writers have interactive text boxes, tips and prompts that walk them through the writing process, targeting high school and university/college students and educators.



Filmtyme is working on filmmaking tools to enable real time collaborative moviemaking in virtual reality. 



FitIn is a Fitness and Mental Wellness App.

We're dedicated to helping Canadians find physical fitness and mental health solutions - quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide a complete resource for any kind of fitness, physical health, or mental wellness class. By helping people see the opportunities available, we hope to empower them to make the choices that are right for them.



Flipside started in 2014 as The Campfire Union. Flipside the software began in early 2016, evolving out of a series of experiments in virtual performances and social VR. We're a small team of developers and artists who believe technology should make things better. Join us in making a future that empowers everyone to share their imagination with the world.

Foodpreneur Lab


Foodpreneur Lab is a non-profit whose primary mandate is to provide equitable access and a business model for success in food product entrepreneurship by providing skills knowledge and resources that address systemic gendered and racial barriers in the industry. We focus on food economic development for BIPoC women who are disproportionately impacted. We provide programming, advisory services and alternative solutions that address barriers related to launching and sustaining a food business

Friday Things


Friday Things is a new media brand for millennial and Gen Z women that launched in January 2020. It provides its audience with intersectional cultural analysis on topics including entertainment, celebrity, politics, technology, fashion, food and internet culture—and situates those pop culture happenings in a greater context that includes issues of race, gender, ability, class, sexuality, etc.

Friday’s mission is to use entertainment journalism to spark conversations about deeper issues and provide racialized and otherwise ‘marginalized’ readers with content that centres them. Our goal is to evolve into a full-fledged media brand that can give equity-seeking groups a place to share their own perspectives and insights.



GamerLink is creating a gaming tool that allows gamers to connect with other gamers for better online multiplayer experiences. We help gamers discover others to play with online, as well as improve gaming experiences for users by connecting gamers of similar skill, playstyle, demographics and more.

Gifting Sense


Gifting Sense helps children get ready for all the personal finance decisions that lie in their future, by teaching them how to think before they buy. Our workshops and tools allow children to experience first-hand that thinking before buying is a powerful and rewarding, not boring, life skill.

Personal finances are no different than team sports, to "win" you have to be both offensive (earn) and defensive (spend wisely). We teach kids how to practice strong financial defence. And when children learn how not to waste money, families experience increased harmony, improved financial well-being, and the knowledge that they are helping protect the planet. It's a win-win-win.

So let's give today's youth what has to be one of the best gifts ever: the habit of thinking before buying. We've made it easy and fun to do just that!



Globacore is an award-winning creative technology company specializing in mixed and virtual reality, custom-branded game development, large-format multi-touch walls and tables – and generally bringing unique human-computer interactions to life. Working primarily in the experiential marketing space for brand activations, museums, events and retail interactive, Globacore’s mission is to make the world a more engaged place.



At a time when audience expression has never been more crucial, the relationship between media and their audiences is suffering. The main means of direct engagement for media audiences – written comments – is troll-filled and offers low user value. Users are tuning out and media are looking for answers. Through GoodTalk’s video comment engagement tool, we offer users something more meaningful, emphasizing recognition and civility. And for media clients, GoodTalk provides a low-lift, low-cost way to increase audience engagement across platforms.



Create. Elevate. Engage. Change.

GraysonX is a content-creation company that builds new frameworks for collaboration, creative ideas and high-end immersive content. We lead from the front lines of innovation, art and technology, bridging the gap between new media and creators. We aim to elevate, engage, create, change and shape culture.

Greenlight Essentials


Greenlight Essentials is a company that is dedicated to helping entertainment professionals better understand movie data and bring big data analysis to the film industry.

Hey Filmmaker


Hey Filmmaker is designed to bring your film industry a little closer together. We're a social networking app for the independent film industry, a central hub where film professionals can showcase their work and connect with one another in the city where they live. Think Vimeo meets LinkedIn for the indie film industry.



HiBnb is a Canadian cannabis hospitality service dedicated to helping the cannabis community explore, experience and share what they love by facilitating Canada-based accommodations and tourism experiences that include cannabis.

Hop To It Productions


Hop To It Productions is a female-owned and run independent entertainment company that creates and shares compelling proprietary purpose-driven content for a range of global audiences across different platforms including TV, Digital, Social and Live. Genres include factual, scripted and kids'. Hop To It also provides Consulting and Exec Producing services and has expertise in marketing, community building and discoverability.

House of VR


House of VR is growing the VR/AR ecosystem in Toronto by creating the city’s premium VR lounge and event space. Located in trendy Queen West, the space is designed for corporate team-building, group outings, brand activations and pop-ups. With a capacity of 275 and two floors, it is available to rent by the hour in one of our 360˚ seated pods, or for play in a group in our Virtual Reality Green Screen units.

Idea Central


Idea Central is a creative strategy consulting agency based in Toronto Canada.

Our focus with Idea Central is to foster and nurture great storytelling that resonates and connects people to brands in meaningful ways using insights, creativity and strategies that mesh with the vision of our clients.

Idea Central was formed in 2017 when co-founders Jill Rosenberg and John Saydam saw an opportunity to fill an evolving void by combining their extensive digital, social media and award-winning creative storytelling expertise to offer clients and agencies senior level capabilities as an effective means to improve the digital footprints of their brands.

Idea Central takes a Human First/Design Thinking/ Digital Enhance approach. Customer behaviour and insight are used to define objectives and fuel creative solutions.

Impossible Things


Impossible Things is a creative-meets-technology company. It dreams up magical new experiences that blend the digital with the physical to captivate and engage audiences. At Impossible Things, we believe that augmented reality (AR) is a powerful new platform, one that will rapidly and drastically transform the way we create, present and exchange information, ideas and cultural experiences. Working in such a nascent form, Impossible Things not only crafts compelling AR experiences, but also engineers new tools needed to achieve its vision. 

Infinite Frame Media


Infinite Frame Media is an immersive content creation studio focused on telling thought-provoking stories. We use Virtual and Augmented Reality to connect audiences to the subject matter in meaningful ways.
Our proprietary portable volumetric technology allows us to film subjects for use within immersive environments to create lifelike and engaging scenarios that would not be possible in any other medium.
Our projects aim to not only bring awareness to difficult topics, such as reproductive health, violence against women, and climate change but to open minds, shift perspectives and ignite conversation, action, and change in the real world.

Innovate by Day


Innovate By Day is a woman-led social media and digital content company known for engaging online communities and building turnkey, customized solutions for clients. Focussed on serving social enterprises, non-profits, special events, and entertainment and gaming companies, Innovate expertly navigates digital trends on behalf of its clients. Listening to audiences and influencers, cultivating conversations and developing creative, compelling content are its core strengths. Founded in 2010, Innovate By Day has had extensive experience in launching and sustaining digital audiences for a variety of companies and brands. Specializing in comprehensive, strategic marketing, customized digital content, community engagement and paid reach, Innovate By Day has been at the forefront of social listening. Committed to niche, interactive audiovisual content that extends narratives, Innovate By Day generates conversations that give audiences compelling reasons to connect, return, share, and champion their communities.



itsme creates animated, photorealistic full-body 3D avatars that can be used for social VR/AR, online shopping, minimizing business travel, gaming, marketing, personalized emoji. We have created a secure, private platform to capture transactional avatar-related purchases for years to come.



ivvi’s predictive insights enables top brands to identify rising stars, while optimizing budgets to extend campaign success. ivvi strategizes with leading companies such as Universal Studios, Samsung,,, Sid Lee and more, through leading predictive analytics technology. 

Kannon Films


Kannon Films aims to produce high-quality television and film content in both French and English. Our goals are to inspire, educate and entertain different audiences through documentary and fiction projects about topics that matter to us. Our audiovisual company goes to great lengths to manage every project from concept to delivery. We regularly develop and script new media projects whether independently or in collaboration with private production companies and Canadian broadcasters. We build relationships with community organizations, seek sponsorship and regularly apply for grants and funding. During the pre-production and production phases of a project, we hire audiovisual specialists, plan our schedule and determine where the filming will take place. Finally, we offer post-production services in order to develop an exceptional product that will go beyond our clients' expectations.



We love great content and elevate brands working with world-class, platform-agnostic media-producing partners, network studios, broadcasters and agencies. We offer high impact creative development, marketing and sales strategies that generate new business opportunities to maximize your brand, and deliver ROI to stakeholders across multiple platforms. As a boutique company, we offer customized services in development, branding, marketing, production financing, co-production and service productions. We build long-lasting partnerships in local and international markets and have relationships with more than 600 broadcasters and global network contacts. 



KiddieNomics is a fun, informative and free kids webinar series educating kids ages 8 - 13 years old about all aspects of financial literacy.

Our goal is to empower all kids to become Young Financial Literacy Ambassadors to help themselves, family, friends and community to be more financially literate. While developing a healthy relationship towards finances. 



Kidictive Inc. was founded in 2017 by Laura McLaughlin and Michelle Gorman with mission to help families build a tech balanced life for all of our kids. 

Laughing Cat Productions


Laughing Cat Productions creates original media content that is compelling, daring, intelligent, and forward-thinking.

We create IP in both narrative and documentary formats, with a focus on stories that centre and appeal to women and non-binary audiences who are still underrepresented in mainstream media. Our work has been recognized by ValueCine for shattering gender representation norms - on-screen representation of women in our films accounts for over 90% of total screen time and dialogue spoken.

As thought leaders and gently disruptive changemakers, we believe that a more equitable entertainment industry is not only achievable, but also incredibly necessary (and long overdue!) We believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table, that all bodies deserve to be represented in the media, and that all voices deserve to be equally heard and supported. Period.

We’re passionate about nurturing a culture of intersectional inclusion, care, and community while also creating excellent films. When hiring – both in front of and behind the camera - we prioritize supporting and creating opportunities for those who have been traditionally excluded from the entertainment industry.

In the not-so distant future, we hope that our inclusive ethos becomes the new industry benchmark for how mainstream media gets made.

LENS Immersive


LENS Immersive believes in quality, engaging, immersive storytelling paired with the world's most advanced streaming technology to seamlessly deliver these stories to market.

Founded in 2015, LENS is a virtual reality platform and content creation house, with its own unique compression codec technology to provide and produce pre-recorded/live virtual reality video content.

LENS has an established team with experience in visual effects, technology, motion picture production, and experimental fine arts. In the 18 months since founding, they have built a streaming infrastructure and VR distribution platform.

LENS is committed to bringing immersive storytelling to a whole new light.

Light The Girl Productions


Light The Girl Productions was co-founded by Linda A. Palmieri and Carin Moffat in 2016. It is a multi-platform production company, committed to creating original female content for film, television and digital networks. Dedicated to great storytelling, Light The Girl produces with an unwavering pursuit for compelling female perspectives rooted in authenticity, inclusivity and passion.

Light The Girl has an emerging slate of projects in development, including their first feature film, an adaptation of the multi award winning novel Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined and an original 1 hour post-apocalyptic drama series titled SOLIS, created and written by Dana Brawer for premium television programming. The company is currently enjoying the success of their short film See Me Now, circulating on television networks throughout the United States via distribution by Hewes Pictures.



Lightouch is an EdTech in the creative industry segment designed to help parents and educators empower children to thrive and succeed in life by building their emotional intelligence and strengthening their soft skills.

Recently incorporated in Canada, we are a spin-off of a Brazilian company that has over fifteen years of experience in the field. We have a social purpose and our mission is to “develop human potential, inspire learning and transform lives”.

Liquid Cinema


DEEP is a Canadian/ German studio dedicated to exploring and defining the evolving language of cinematic VR.

Led by multiple Emmy Award winning filmmaker and innovator Thomas Wallner DEEP utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create highly immersive stories.

To meet this challenge DEEP is evolving Liquid Cinema™ a suite of sophisticated proprietary players and tools that allows the authoring and distribution of story based cinematic VR content across multiple platforms and devices.

Liquid Cinema is currently being used as a VR distribution platform by major European and US Networks including Dow Jones Corporation, The Wall Street Journal, ZDF and ARTE. Recently Google financed the expansion of the Liquid Cinema platform to include Daydream.

Little Engine Moving Pictures


Little Engine is an award-winning media company that develops, finances, produces and distributes original, innovative TV series, feature films and interactive content for an international audience of the young and young-at-heart.