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100 Dragons Productions


100 Dragons Productions has been supporting creation of film & TV for over 20 years. Its newest branch, 100 Dragons Media, launched in 2015 and produced its first feature documentary, My Piece of the City, directed by Moze Mossanen premiered at The Regent Park Film Festival and screened at The Yorkton Film Festival, nominated for a 2018 Golden Sheaf Award. Credits include Tidal Lock, Laundry Day, and web series pilot Nobody’s Home, official selection of the Web Series Festival. Supported through the WIFT-T/NBC Universal Development Incubator and The Harold Greenberg Fund, the company’s next film, 15 Kinds of Casual Sex will be a fresh, new kind of romantic comedy, reflective of the perspectives of two women, their concepts of sexuality and love, featuring a diverse cast and exploring all that a multicultural society offers. 



Founded by Chrissy Gow, AccessAR (AAR) creates augmented reality content for event, conference and festival organizers; fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and CPG food, beverage and cosmetic brands.

AAR became a Certified Snapchat Lens Studio Partner in January 2019, and launched Pixils —shareable 3D Lenses and Filters — for social media marketing. These premium experiences are currently the easiest way to get high-performing, hyper-realistic augmented reality experiences into consumers’ hands via apps they already have on their mobile devices.

Starting a viral campaign is now easier than ever! Engage and excite your audience on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram with a new form of interactive content.

Achimostawinan Games


Achimostawinan Games is an Indigenous owned and operated video game company dedicated to developing Indigenous games for an Indigenous audience (and the world) while also helping Indigenous artists and communities develop interactive and digital content.

At Achimostawinan Games, we strive to create stories that speak to you. After all, Achimostawinan means, “Tell us a story” in Cree. We believe in crafting original Indigenous stories for everyone.

​Acuvise Consultancy


Acuvise Consultancy Inc., provides continuing education program creation, and research based advocacy services, including market research study and design, with expertise in chronic disease management, digital health, and environmental sustainability.

Adani Pictures


Adani Pictures is a Toronto-based TV and digital production company, helmed by producers Jessica Adams and Rua Wani. Adani has an active development slate, having won funding from the highly selective Bell Fund (Slate Development Program) as well as Ontario Creates’ Interactive Digital Media Fund. As a proud women- and immigrant-led company, Adani Pictures’ mandate is to tell progressive stories that capture the zeitgeist, and reflect perspectives from underrepresented voices and communities.

Alternative Food Network


At Alternative Food Network we believe food can be medicine, a tool in the integrative tool box to heal and balance. Alternative Food Network is a niche multi-media resource at the intersection of food and personal best health. We produce cooking videos and informative podcasts with experts in the fields of medicine, science and nutrition to help health-minded adults get informed about what to eat to prevent, manage and even reverse disease. Our mission is to foster a 'can-do' approach to eating for a healthy and energetic life.

​Art Collision


Art Collision is a creative studio, specializing in strategy, content, design, and web development. We partner with art organizations to develop their online presence, boost their e-commerce and execute and manage their digital strategy. Our work is fueled by passion and deep engagement with content resulting in strategic and beautiful ways to tell stories and connect with audiences across various media. Visit our portfolio.

​ArtDog Studio


ArtDog Studio is a multimedia service for creating film, video, design and print on-demand by Canadian Artist Lucy Drumonde. To visually enhance presentation and expression in a custom original style, design, and humour clothing apparel (wearable art), or in print, canvas illustrations (e.g. create a canvas for the customer, business, galleries, trade shows, personal decor, prints).

AVA Animation & Visual Arts


AVA Animation & Visual Arts is a team of professionals with award winning expertise in projection mapping and interactive content for immersive spaces. A creative team that thrives on creating exceptional visual solutions for live entertainment and transforming events into extraordinary visual experiences with technology, creativity and emotion. Since 2010, they have achieved several international awards, two permanent installations in Mexico and four in Japan. Their studio is now based in Toronto and our clients include international tourism associations, theme parks, light festivals, and private events.

AWE Company Limited


Founded in 2012 by Srinivas Krishna and led by a team of media executives, software engineers and designers, AWE has rapidly grown to become a leading developer of advanced mobile augmented and virtual reality software. As a partner in Google’s new AR device initiative, Project Tango, the company’s applications were highlighted at the 2015 Google I/O. AWE’s patent-pending innovations stem from its extensive, on-going R&D, both in house and in collaboration with scientists at universities.



B4brand is a bilingual English/French, multicultural, storytelling-driven marketing agency for purpose-driven brands. We help brands that take a stand on values connect with conscious consumers by creating cross-platform content to bring brand stories to life online and offline.

B4brand believes that marketing has a greater purpose than consumerism. Our vision is to empower consumers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions based on a genuine connection of shared values with brands, enabling conscious consumerism.



Babe Nation is a Toronto-based boutique indie production company that champions female and emerging voices behind and in front of the camera. Producers Katie Bird Nolan and Lindsay Tapscott specialize in the hands-on creative development and production of character-driven scripted content from a diverse slate of international filmmakers.



Founded in 2015, Babylon VR aims to accelerate the adoption of Virtual Reality by making content creation and distribution easier. The team began as a VR creative studio, building customized VR experiences in the real estate and architecture industries, which led them to create their intuitive web-based platform that allows anyone to build and share VR content.

Big Bang Beige


Big Bang Beige creates and produces virtual events and experiences. We offer experience design, multimedia design and production, specializing in virtual and hybrid. Whether it’s for corporate, consumer, or non profit, large or small; we work collaboratively with clients to create what's best and most effective for them in the new post-2020 ecosystem of connection and interaction.

Big Bang Beige provides support when and where you need it for your team, including a broad network of skilled and vetted freelance partners to fill any other temporary gaps you or your organization may have.

Big Kitten Productions


Big Kitten is a Production Company built on creative first, created by the company founder and collaborators with a genre focus on comedy, horror and drama. 



BLACK FOODIE is a versatile media platform and creative agency sharing the food stories of the diaspora through original production, sponsored content, and digital activations. 

With a strong digital presence and an online following of over 100 000+ foodies, our content has reached millions of viewers since launching in 2015.



Named a "Top 10 Startup in AdTech," Blockthrough helps online publishers recover the revenue they're losing to adblockers.

20-30% of the Internet runs an adblocker today (over 80% of traffic for some websites), and publishers have no reliable way to monetize their adblocked traffic. Yet most adblock users are willing to see ads, so long as they load fast, don't have malware, and don't disrupt their experience.

Blockthrough allows publishers to monetize their adblocking users, making ads undetectable to adblockers, while providing users with a better advertising experience.



Operating across the verticals of VR, AR, robotics and drones,BreqLabs uses ultrasound to track objects in 3D space with sub-millimeter accuracy. The proprietary solution provides a 10-15x cost advantage over competing tracking technologies, with no mass-production risk for partners. Currently being integrated into leading enterprise AR headsets, BreqLabs is in the final rounds of evaluation with smartphone OEMs to create branded VR headsets. 



Launched early 2015, Brinx Software built virtual reality products for major enterprises, such as Lockheed Martin and Shopify. During this time, it became clear that 3D digital content creation is a major $100 billion dollar problem. At the start of 2016, we pivoted to focus our energy on working full time to so make it easy for anyone to create 3D content through easy VR tools and the ability to collaborate. As of Jan 2017, we have now successfully taken a world- wide lead in collaborative 3D sculpting, and will continue to focus our energy to be the best collaborative sculpting software available anywhere. 

Canopy Kids


Canopy Kids is a secondhand ship, as well as a collection of services and subscriptions to help your family thrive.

All the things we do - we do with love: Love for your families, our communities, and most importantly, the world we live in.

Capsule Media


Capsule Media is at the leading edge of cloud-based media management for the global media and entertainment industry. We offer the only cloud-based media management platform designed and built by people who have spent their lives working in the production and post-production industries. Our one-stop solution provides our clients with services and functionality to support the production, management and commercialization of content.

Change Creates Change Eating Disorder Care


Change Creates Change Eating Disorder Care is a women-run private practice that provides specialized eating disorder care to children and youth living with an eating disorder, as well as their families.



Founded in 2016, Cinehackers focuses on creating interactive narrative experiences using immersive technology. Our portfolio includes original short fiction films, games and documentaries virtual reality (VR) experiences. Through each piece, we strive to bring the viewer closer to the stories we are telling, by making them an active participant in the narrative.

Closed Caption Services


From broadcast television to digital media, CCS is Canada's frontrunner in full-spectrum media accessibility, providing closed captioning and descriptive video services for broadcasters, producers, educators, governments, production houses, festivals and more. 



At Creatubbles, we believe that global interconnectedness does not necessarily mean gravitating to the lowest common denominator. Rather, we leverage technology to create a kinder, more humane and more aesthetic world, one in which a plurality of possibilities can be understood and explored, where nuance is valued. We have brought these core ingredients together to create a safe global community of creators, and now seek support to take Creatubbles to the next level.

Crossfield House Productions


Crossfield House Productions was founded in 2017 and is a Black-owned, award-winning production company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We produce film, theatre, and music, where we tell Black stories with honesty, compassion, humanity, authenticity, and love. Everything that we do is grounded in our 3 pillars: Storytelling through engaging content, Creating memorable experiences, and Empowering our community.

We are a place where the lights are always on and where creatives are watered daily.

Culture Creates


Culture Creates makes live events discoverable on the web. We specialize in generating RDF-based knowledge graphs to make information on what’s happening in the arts compatible with an AI-powered world. Knowledge graphs structure and link metadata in a machine-readable interconnected web to help people and machines navigate the complexity of the internet.

A team of arts professionals and technologists, we help arts organizations structure live events and be the digital authority of their own metadata. Be discovered by AI-powered search and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

​Design Off The Boat


Design Off The Boat is an All-Women Product Design Crew for All Women Founders. We work with social entrepreneurs with the goal of accelerating the time-to-impact of tech solutions for social enterprises. We democratize tech to make the most of step one by building smarter with Design Thinking, faster with Design Sprints, and better with No-Code.

​Digital 55


Digital 55 is a collective of award-winning designers, developers, researchers, and content strategists working together to create unique, innovative digital interactive products, and learning experiences. What makes us most unique is our rebel spirit, rooted in interdisciplinary arts, such as music, film, design, learning and experiential builds. We are pretty much obsessed with the intersection of creative and tech.

Discourse Media


Discourse Media is an independent, for-profit media company. We provide high-quality, consequential journalism about complex issues. We not only reveal problems, but also point possible paths forward, helping our audience move from dismay to possibility, passivity to action.



Documentary has grown in popularity over the years, effecting social, environmental and political change. For the past decade, the internet has played a major role in democratizing the distribution and marketing of documentaries. We believe the time has come to democratize documentary production. So in 2017, we decided to create a network of documentary lovers and changemakers that would fund impactful content and help filmmakers maintain the freedom that they need to create.



Driftscape connects local destinations with visitors via our mobile apps. We focus on local culture so visitors can find the best of what’s nearby. Local destinations get powerful tools to learn about their visitors, at a fraction of the cost of building their own app.

We work with respected cultural organizations like Historical Canada, National Trust for Canada and Heritage Toronto to create a single place for users to learn about where they are from trusted experts.

Our mission is to make local culture easier to discover. We believe that creating a platform where diverse stories can be shared will inspire a greater understanding of the spaces we inhabit and the people we share them with.

Driftscape was built by an experienced team working between Toronto and Waterloo, and was founded in 2017.

e.d. films


e→d films is a Montreal-based animation studio that makes award-winning films with a handcrafted feel. Known for using a unique blend of animation techniques and innovative technologies, the studio produces short-form cultural and educational projects in collaboration with public broadcasters, national film boards, not-for-profits and brands around the world. Most recently, e→d films launched an online store to provide other creators with the tools, assets and resources developed during its productions.



EatSleepRIDE® Motorcycle GPS is a mobility platform for motorcycle riders combining community, safety and mapping. ESR designed and developed AI technology to diagnose, predict and prevent motorcycle related injury.



Writers - in school and professional settings - may be able to easily acquire content (i.e. Google search), but struggle to communicate appropriately in English for specific contexts. The status quo includes various word processing software options and text editors, but nothing to help bridge the gap from content acquisition to final prose. EssayJack is a web-based solution offering scaffolding for writing so that writers have interactive text boxes, tips and prompts that walk them through the writing process, targeting high school and university/college students and educators.