Yumi and Boom


An interactive, episodic virtual reality series, Yumi and Boom brings the power of mindfulness and short-form character-driven stories together in the immersive media space. Produced by the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) and Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation, under the creative direction of Lillian Chan, this animated VR experience traces a young girl’s unlikely friendship with what seems to be a capricious creature, Boom. Through scenes of their friendship, tweens learn key mindfulness techniques like body scans and breath control, which help them become more adept at emotional regulation. Read more about the production here. Creative Director Lillian Chan Producer(s) Ana Serrano, CFC Media Lab Mark Jones, Seneca College Creative Technology Director Matthew Whelan Lead Unreal Programmer Gabriela Kim Passos Lead Level Designer and Artist Sarah St. Laurent Composer John Poon StoryBoard Artist Samantha Tran StoryBoard conversion to Unreal GoodTH.Inc Story_VR 2D Location Designer Cornelia Li 3D Animator Caitlin MacDonald 3D Modelers Anastasia Borokhova Sean Craig Isabel Lo Lafim Miri-Dashe Omid Nikaeen Navdeep Singh Colorists Brenna Baines Samantha Tran Production Manager Joseph Ellsworth A production of the Canadian Film Centre and Seneca College School of Creative Art & Animation Production support provided by Gamma Space and Dames Making Games Mindfulness concepts developed in consultation with M. Lee Freedman from the Centre for Mindfulness Studies

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Creator Bio

CFC Media Lab in co-production with Seneca’s School of Creative Arts

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