The public engagement process is a vital component of successful urban design and city-building. With almost 6,000 planning applications and over 10,000 building permits issued by the City of Toronto in 2013 – some major redevelopments, some for adding a deck to a back yard – the impact of urban development is far-reaching. The window into this system for most people is a jargon-filled, text heavy sign that appears for 30 days and calls you to a public meeting you don’t have time for. Urban Dialogue is here to bring awareness and useful information back to a community. We want to re-connect residents to the processes of change in your city.Through new signage, improved online data sources, and harnessing social media, Urban Dialogue will redesign the development feedback process, putting it back into the hands of the people!




Creator Bio

Paula Aguirre Gomez, Richard Borbridge, Kirsti Langen, Dushan Milic

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