Twinstallation is a series of loosely knit discussions about how being a twin has affected my life and my twin sister Meredith’s life. It uses a common phenomenon twins experience, false memory, as a starting point to explore the slippery nature of memory. It’s also a key point to examine how people form their identities, because how do you know who you are if you can’t rely on your own memory? The viewer’s physical movements dictate the flow of the videos through an algorithmic structure, thus creating an opportunity for an embodied experience of the story. This movement also ensures every viewer will see a different combination of videos. By playing with traditional cinematic structures, this non-linear form encourages people to make their own meaning from the piece. I draw on Freud’s concept of the “uncanny” to engage with the affective dimensions of twinning. I include Lev Manovich’s framework for viewing interactive media to understand the psychological connections people make when viewing new media work. I suggest that, by combining interactivity in non-linear storytelling and the act of participating in an installation, the viewer’s experience may be enhanced and they may experience a greater sense of agency.

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Laura Wright

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