The Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles


A young couple boards a train heading west with an unborn baby in the womb and a dream of a new and prosperous life in the frontier town of New Pinko. Their dreams are de-railed when a mysterious business woman named Clay Fantasia boards the train and offers them work in a lawless town at the edge of the frontier called Washathon. When the couple arrives, they find a town strapped with dynamite, set to explode if anyone tries to escape. Trapped in this wild frontier town where even the laws of nature don't apply, the young couple struggles against the temptations of sinful Washathon town while trying to stay true to each other. Their love is tested when their baby is born and is not what they expected. As the couple loses their innocence they must fight to hold on to the last beautiful thing left in their world: their love for each other and their baby. A fight that may be futile in a town where everyone takes care of no one but themselves.

sadness of johnson joe jangles


Zachary Bennett, Gregory White, Soo Garay, Keir Gilchrist


Jeffrey St. Jules


Andy Marshall


Randy Zimmer


Jeffrey St. Jules


Jonathan Bensimon

Running Time

18:30 mins



Media Format


Creator Bio

Jeffrey St. Jules

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