Please Touch


Using the oddly shaped sculptures to interact with their environment, the participant is invited to push, prod, squeeze, and move around the sculpture-bots located within the intimate space. This interaction prompts dynamic changes to the space by changing the colours of the walls and allowing the participant to draw abstract digital images using the sculpture-bot as the tool for this creation. Please Touch! is an interactive installation which aims to expand the potentially static experience of art from an object being witnessed to a time-based, interactive, multi-participative performance. Through this exploration, this project aims to unpack the nature of the creation, dissemination and experience of interactive, participatory art forms. The materials used in art-making themselves are active, dynamic, and changeable, and play a role in the processes of creation and experimentation. By providing an open-ended, interactive installation, the artist is present in the decisions made by the participant. Together, the artist, the participants and the material artwork, through forward momentum and interaction of affect, engage in the act of creating the whole work of art.




Creator Bio

Jazmine Yerbury

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