PersonaLab is a community-based website that provides information, tools and resources needed for creating Personas. The community’s heart is a website that is consisted of 3 main parts: The first one is “Classroom” page that will provide different learning tools containing videos and lessons for beginners who are interested in learning about Personas creation and user research process. It will teach them important factors to consider when creating Personas and how they can use PersonaLab website to create and analyze them. The second part is “Library” where visitors will find examples and Personas that are created by other professionals. They will be able to search for them by keywords or the purpose that the persona will be used for. In Library you will be able to save, like and comment on other’s personas. “Lab” is the third part of the website which provides a drag and drop persona creator tool with various options and parameters available for the users. The parameters come in variety of categories like demographic, ethnographic or behaviors. In the Lab page users can export, analyze personas and invite teammates for contribution. In the Analyze section designers will compare all-important parameters among the personas created. This will help to identify patterns among groups of personas and find the common places in behavior and demographic variables. At the end you would be able export all the personas in a visually attractive infographics that could be shared and showcased to your design team or any other stakeholders.




Creator Bio

Klaudia Han, Xiangyu Sun, Ardavan Mirhosseini & Humberto Aldaz

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