Do you know anyone who is crazy about their dog, but is more than a little worried about what their pup is up to while they're away all day, or when exactly all those shots are due? We do too, and that's why we created PawzMonitor. PawzMonitor is a simple, intuitive mobile application that allows new dog owners to find their pet's location on a map and to watch him on a live videocam, from wherever they are. Our intelligent tips remind owners of important pet milestones, calibrated to the dog's age and breed, and tell them when a trip to the vet is due. Dog owners can call the vet or the dog groomer directly from the app, and book the appointment in their calendar. And when the groomer's cleaned the dog up, owners can take a photo and easily share it with their friends or the growing PawzMonitor community. Future development includes the addition of text messaging alerts when the pup gets out or starts barking loudly and often. We'll also help pet owners keep their dog healthy by monitoring his activity levels and sleep patterns, comparing those to other dogs of his age and stage.




Creator Bio

Heather Simmons, Laura Stavro Beauchamp, Areen Salam & Umar Amanullah

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