Operation Red Dog


Brad McConnell is an ambitious young reporter who longs for the crime beat, but is stuck writing human interest stories. He stumbles onto the story of his life – a heist where the object is the tiny Caribbean Island of Dominica. The plot is the brainchild of bumbling Neo-Nazis working with a Jewish gunrunner and the Black Nationalist ex-Prime Minister of Dominica. Along for the ride are some unpredictable Anarchist Dreads on a killing spree... Brad has unfettered access to follow this motley crew as they seek investors and prepare to run Dominica like 1930 ʼ s Cuba with gambling, drug running and gunrunning. Brad even convinces his editor to keep quiet, salivating at the chance for a world exclusive. In the era of reporter celebrities like Woodward and Bernstein, Brad is willing to risk it all as he flirts with fame. Operation Red Dog, a story so crazy you won ’ t believe it ’ s true.


Sudz Sutherland, Jennifer Holness


Jennifer Holness


Sudz Sutherland



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