Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity


Comprised of photographs and virtual reality volumetric testimonials, Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity is an interactive mixed-media documentary that explores how transgender subjects are challenging gender norms and redefining traditional masculinity. By exploring the photographic series, and by moving around the virtual space in which the subjects exist, Made This Way: Redefining Masculinity allows audiences to viscerally experience fluid masculinity. Director Irem Harnak Elli Raynai Executive Producer Ana Serrano Producer Ana Serrano (CFC Media Lab) Elli Raynai (Cinehackers) Associate Producer Perry Voulgaris Writers Irem Harnak Elli Raynai Cinematographer Cory Allen Editors Irem Harnak Elli Raynai Sound Anne-Marie Ront Hector Centeno Music/Composer Janice Kwan Production Manager Joseph Ellsworth Shader Development and Design Vladimir Storm Photogrammetry William Douglas McMaster Unity Developers Tore Knabe Ricardo Shimoda Nakasako Elli Raynai Depthkit Consultants Kyle Kukshtel Alexander Porter James George Depthkit Post-Production Jillian Morrow Elli Raynai Tilt Brush Artist Rein Bijlsma Special Thanks Kimel-Family Campus Linked Accelerator Fund at Ryerson University Spatial Audio Support provided by: