FEATURE PROJECT When Lucky, a gambling addict, is scammed, he attempts to remake the losses in secret from his family. With his precarious financial situation now much, much worse, Lucky’s dependence on his eldest daughter and wife is revealed. And like him, Lucky’s family has private dramas that could just as easily tip their future to either collapse or stability. A snapshot of a Chinese-Canadian family, Lucky Star is a feature-length dramedy about the expectations to succeed against impossible odds, familial love and deceit, and redemption.

Gillian McKercher

Creator Bio

Gillian McKercher is a writer and director from Calgary. Her past work includes music videos, documentaries, short films, and the feature film Circle of Steel. She is currently in production on a dramatic short film and in fall 2021 she will release a documentary on CBC about oil cleanup as part of the energy transition. As co-founder of and producer at Kino Sum Productions, Gillian supports artist-driven projects, formal experimentation and emotionally intimate stories. She splits her time between Toronto and Calgary.

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