INTERFERENCE._ An interactive multimedia narrative game. The look of the piece is an innovative synthesis of live action, 2D and 3D elements. The story emerges from short cinematic scenes and the player’s ability to take the role of Nick and travel back in time to the place and moment of Jennifer’s death. This murder scene is an interactive environment where actions can be made that may save Jennifer from the hands of the unscrupulous organ traffickers. The player must journey as Nick through time and change the events that lead to her death. The game opens with Nick having a re-occurring vision. His dreams are always about Jennifer. Jennifer was a beautiful Investigative Journalist at his TV station. Nick secretly loved her but tragically, Jennifer was murdered while on assignment. Now, only you can go back and save her. INTERFERENCE was born at the Canadian Film Centre’s Interactive Arts & Entertainment Program CFC residents Mario Marquez Lartique and Mike Dobson formed Unstable Films with the intention of making the narrative game Interference.They were joined by motion graphics animator Angeles Moreno and interface designer Priam Givord.




Creator Bio

Mike Dobson & Mario Marquez Lartigue

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