HUSH provides an objective, clear visual representation of the past, current, and forecasted noise levels in a space. HUSH is ideal for co-working spaces such as open offices, shared workspaces, cafes and libraries. HUSH has two user groups: People who manage co-working spaces People who use co-working spaces When HUSH is installed in a location, it measures noise levels in that location and displays that information in an easy-to-understand format for both groups. Managers can access a website with detailed analytics about noise levels in their workspaces. This allows them to accurately forecast how loud a space will be on any given day, at any time. The historic information about a location can also inform whether changes need to be made to staff schedules, seating arrangements, or other factors such as music or the radio. Managers can also embed a real-time display of noise levels in their workspace on their website, which anyone can check. People who use co-working spaces can see a map of co-working spaces near them on a mobile application. The geo-locative map compares how loud spaces are currently, allowing them to make an informed decision about where they plan to work. Currently, the program tweets the noise levels for the space, letting users know exactly how loud that space is before getting there. This is a temporary function, which will be replaced by the app.

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Laura Wright & Katie Meyer

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