Heart of Stars


Using the groundbreaking technology of the Microsoft Kinect and building on the innovation of the Kinect open source community, Heart of Stars lets users become 3D avatars made of points of light and float through space. The Kinect is a hands-free interface that utilizes an infrared array to allow users to literally be the controller. The creative team was inspired by the Kinect – not only by the unique aesthetic of its raw data, but by its infinite technological possibilities. They created Heart of Stars to show off the beauty of the 3D point cloud images the Kinect produces. Pointillist avatars of users float through the cosmos, attracting infant stars to their bodies and outstretched hands. Once users attract enough “stars” they eventually become a single star themselves and transform into glowing beings. Heart of Stars is a tribute to the birth of this technology and the mysteries of the universe. As a playspace, it is something to pause and experience. Technical Lead:Tsu-ChingYu Contributors: Interactive Music Composition: Robb Gray Additional Music: “The Flower Duet” / Leo Delibes Vocals: Tsu-Ching Yu Technical Consultants: David Bouchard Pearl Chen Matt Gorbet Robb Gray Frank Tsonis Key Consultants/Crit Team: Ana Serrano Marty Avery Steve Ferguson Susan Gorbet Jacqueline Nuwame Siobhan O'Flynn Ilona Posner Suzanne Stein Emma Westecott David Wolfenden Special Thanks: Andrea Mallozzi Kimberly Dean Nicholas Longstaff James Eberhardt Bobie Taffe Edwin Lara Dylan Reibling Raw'n Wild Ryan Bigge Michael Colgrass William Shookhoff Tina Torlone Brady Bothwell Rob Johnston

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Creator Bio

Vanessa Shaver, Tsu-Ching Yu

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