Clutch is a dark comedy that begins when a reluctant thief, Martyn (David Hewlett), inadvertently kills a man during the bungled robbery of a rare book. Martyn enlists his friends to get rid of the body, while he delivers the book to a psychotic black-market antique dealer. When his car breaks down, he meets Theresa (Tanya Allen), a local mechanic, who turns out to be the girlfriend of the man he has just slain. Theresa seems more interested in the book tucked away in the trunk than in fixing the engine, and disappears soon after she begins to read. While Martyn desperately tries to find her and the book, his brother and a friend make a shocking discovery about the "body." Now Martyn, Theresa, the antique dealer, the two would-be undertakers and the "body" all converge in search of the book, lost paradise and the unbearable onslaught of progress.

Clutch still1 copy


Christopher Grismer


Allison Lewis & Chan D. Park


Christopher Grismer



Production Stills

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