Cats Breaking Antiques


Cats Breaking Antiques is an exploratory environment for the touch screen platform. Taking the DIY aesthetic to its psychedelic extreme, this environment is overflowing with graphic humour, pop cultural references and visual jabs at what the creators call “media relics”. To make things even more wild and woolly, users explore this environment as a 21 st century version of Felix the Cat, trolling through the house and destroying all the antique media content and objects. Cats Breaking Antiques allows the user to engage with a variety of content throughout their investigation of this world. Some of this content includes: addictive mini arcade games, short animations, film clips containing archival footage, and quizzes. Technical Lead:Pearl Chen Contributors: Michael Phan Pharmacopia Key Consultants/Crit Team: Emma Westecott: Gaming Consultation Ana Serrano: Creative Consultation Siobhan O'Flynn: Transmedia Consultation Marty Avery: Pitch Consultation Ilona Posner: User Experience Consultation Suzanne Stein: Futurist Consultation Dave Wolfenden: Team Consultation Jacqueline Nuwame: Financial Consultation Martha Ladly: Aesthetic Consultation Neil Watson: Conceptual Consultant Leonardo Dell'Anno: Financial Consultation

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Creator Bio

Hannah Epstein, Monica Law, John Watson

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