Alone Together


Alone Together is an “art-app” designed for the Blackberry Playbook tablet. Playing with hypnotic circles on the touchscreen, audience members are asked to compose four-word sentences from the following source words: I, we, am, are, always, never, alone, together. These word combinations in turn trigger diptych expressive video portraits of individuals engaged in simple gestures. Alone Together ponders questions concerning selfhood and the relationship between individuals. Each individual, as she or he moves through life, occupies a unique space in the universe and within the greater family of humanity. Alone Together forces you to question what the overarching meaning in that relationship between the self and the other is: Who am I to myself? What is my place in the world? What is the space that I occupy within the realm of the human family? and Who am I to the stranger who passes me on the street? Who is she or he to me? Are we strangers at all, or could we share some past, present, or future relationship? Technical Lead: Pearl Chen Contributors: Programmers: Pearl Chen Paul Forest Production Support: William F. White International Video Participants: David Anderson Sierra Bacquie Neema Bickersteth Alice Chiasson Hannah Epstein Mike Evask Jean Johnson Monica Law Louis Sanger Malcolm Sanger Lizzy Mahache Arlene Moscovitch Prash Miranda Ryan Rizzo Mark Thoburn John Watson

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Creator Bio

Shawn Kerwin, Laurel MacDonald

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