A World of Images


A World of Images aims to create an augmented reality toolkit that helps to improve the daily learning and activities of children with autism spectrum disorder in a new and fun way. This project explores the potentiality of AR as a new tool for the therapy, bringing together images, sounds and 3D models in the actual flash cards that the therapist uses with the children. In the exhibit participants will be able to interact with a new digital tool developed for kids with autism. The project was designed for one girl in particular. Thanks to her and her family feedback and insights, the project took form into a great technological and interactive tool that will help to improve her daily activities. People will be able to see how AR (augmented reality) can be used for more than just fun and can be a helpful way of interacting with people with different capabilities. Come and see how images, videos, 3D modeling and sound work together for a great purpose.




Creator Bio

Paula Gomez

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