A Better You


Veronica Dent (35) is a high-strung but successful architect married to Jeff (37), a burnt-out stoner musician whose lack of ambition, joy and cleanliness is becoming increasingly hard for her to live with. When they attempt sex while driving, Veronica and Jeff get in a car accident. Jeff traumatically injures his head, causing him to suffer from retrograde amnesia where he can’t remember the past 12 years of his life, which includes any memories of Veronica. After some prompting by her somewhat crude, no-nonsense mother, Veronica decides to reprogram Jeff into the better man he could be, the man she wishes she had. Veronica convinces Jeff to cook, clean and give attention to his personal hygiene and diet as if these were his usual routines. Their sex life is the best it’s been in a long time and Veronica is happy to have Jeff watch The View with her while they share a bowl of ice cream. Jeff’s ne’er-do-well friend, Seamus, however, is suspicious of Veronica’s motives, which are turning Jeff into a metrosexual houseboy. He misses having his best bro to party with and is intent on Jeff regaining his memory. When Jeff finds his trusty guitar in the recesses of the garage, he plays it with some heart and his memories come flooding back – along with the realization that Veronica has been manipulating him. Jeff decides to teach her a lesson. He pretends he still has amnesia and starts to psychologically torture Veronica, letting her believe he continues to be under her spell. At a carwash, Veronica discovers that Jeff has been screwing with her, which leads to an emotional blow up and each going their separate ways. After Jeff moves out and Veronica reflects on the error of her ways, they chase each other down, have a heart-to-heart and resolve their conflict. We find Jeff and Veronica at a music festival in an airstream where Veronica happily designs an album cover as Jeff prepares to do a live concert. Jeff plays for a small outdoor crowd. He sings a song he wrote for Veronica as she watches him.


Jed Rees


Emily Alden


Jason James



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