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Please Touch


Using the oddly shaped sculptures to interact with their environment, the participant is invited to push, prod, squeeze, and move around the sculpture-bots located within...

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Poetry e-motion

Electronic technology offers unprecedented opportunities fro building new aduiences and for the exposure, archiving, distribution and promotion of peotry texts. Poetry e-motions builds a bridge...

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PersonaLab is a community-based website that provides information, tools and resources needed for creating Personas. The community’s heart is a website that is consisted of...

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Pax Warrior

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Pax Warrior is a Hybrid New Media product for the educational and training markets that extends the nascent "Interactive Documentary" form to incorporate decision based...

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Perfidia Gardens

Screen shot 2010 08 31 at 10.09.54 AM

Inspired by Dante's Inferno, Perfidia Gardens is the story of "everyman" Donovan Morr and his journey through an emotional Hell before returning into light. As...

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PaCu, which stands for Participatory Culture, is a Toronto based collective interested in initiating a new type of street gallery movement. Everyone is an artist, and we want...

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Pause is an interactive media machine based on intense, urban “hustle & bustle”. It invites the interactant to experience two opposing states through audio and...

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