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Brother, Man

Hedy photo 2021

First Feature Film - Packaging Stage Fumu, a teen stowaway from war-torn Angola jumps ship in a foreign port town, orphaned, traumatized, and in search...

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Between Waves

CC Virginia

FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD Between Waves is a sci-fi drama about Jamie, a woman pursuing her missing and presumed dead lover, Isaac, in a parallel...

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Bad Seeds

Kate Parker, a young widow still clinging to the past, teams up with five misfit women from her grief- support group to steal her dead...

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In 1977, two respected scientists, Ben Morin and his wife Catherine quit their jobs at the university to conduct an experiment they think will revolutionize...

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Born Into This

Jazz musician Benjamin arrives home after being kicked out of his prestigious music school. His life takes an unexpected turn when his 80-year-old grandfather gives...

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Buzz Me

Buzz Me

Buzz Me is a coming-of-age comedy about four misfit teens dragooned against their will by their gone-to-seed gym teacher to form the first-ever Young Mind...

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