Announcing Cohort 8 of the IDEABOOST Accelerator

Posted: Apr 12, 2019

The Canadian Film Centre Media Lab (CFC Media Lab) is pleased to announce the seven companies who will be joining Cohort 8 of the IDEABOOST Accelerator.

Since 2012, the IDEABOOST Accelerator has operated as a Toronto-based, four-month bootcamp for technology-based startups selected from the IDEABOOST-Network Connect program. Powered by a team of experienced staff, mentors, executives and investors, the Accelerator is highly customized to each cohort’s specific needs. This cohort, the eighth, focuses on technology-based media and VR/XR startups who have passed the early development stage and ready to scale.

Meet the seven companies and founders of Cohort 8 who joined us this Thursday, April 11, 2019!

Capsule Media

Michael Bellman, Executive Chairman
Ken MacNeil, CEO

Mission: To be the industry cloud for the media and entertainment industry

Media and Entertainment companies are generating exponentially more data than ever before. The costs and challenges of managing this data are shredding OPEX and CAPEX budgets throughout the industry. Our product, CapsulePRO, provides our clients with a single platform that integrates the services and functionality that support the production, management and commercialization of content.

Capsule Media Logo

The Logic

David Skok, CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Alexandra Brown, Head of Growth

Mission: To be Canada’s most-trusted source of in-depth reporting on the innovation economy.

The Logic is a subscription-news publication focused on the innovation economy in Canada. By that we mean not just “tech,” but also Canada’s transformation from a resource to knowledge-based economy. The Logic’s journalism sheds light on the forces driving change in our country and around the world at a time when Canadians need it most. If you need or want to know about what’s going on with innovation, and who’s driving it, you should read The Logic.

The Logic Logo

Mondo Forma

Jonah Brotman, Business Director

Mission: To create outrageous, extraordinary, multi-sensory art worlds that combine digital experiences with real spaces.

Mondo Forma’s flagship product, The Funhouse, is an immersive art experience that welcomes guests to a multi-level, choose-your-own-adventure art maze. In partnership with Universal Music Canada, Mondo Forma has assembled Canada’s brightest minds in visual arts and technology to transform a former Buddhist temple on Queen Street West into an adventure world where guests can interact with and play inside an art-filled funhouse in a uniquely hands-on way. Each installation within the Funhouse is co-created by a local Toronto artist, inspired by a Toronto-based musician, and builds a larger narrative for the overall experience.

Mondo Forma Logo


Kevin Bache, Founder

Mission: To reach patients when they are at the highest level of engagement and actualization.

The way patient education is delivered today is inconvenient, unreliable and outdated. The majority of a patient’s time accessing healthcare is spent waiting. At the same time, advertisers currently use static posters, pamphlets or digital signage media spots to market their products in medical waiting rooms. These solutions are of inconsistent quality, and unengaging. Medistream provides a curated stream of the world’s best televised health content directly to waiting rooms. We make our money from selling advertisements to pharmaceutical companies, a perfect ad-slot, sandwiched between relevant content and shown immediately prior to speaking with a doctor.

Medistream Logo


Barnaby Marshall, Founder

Mission: To improve the management, measurement and monetization of online music video

MusicPeaks is an entertainment metadata provider that processes, enhances and outputs valuable, high-quality information about music videos. We aggregate and analyze hundreds of sources, and in late 2019 will offer our product through a web dashboard and commercial API to record labels, music publishers, broadcasters and programmers. From file-level analysis of a video’s acoustic and visual properties all the way up to chain of title data that helps facilitate accurate royalty payments, MusicPeaks offers an unrivalled solution for IP holders looking to better monetize their catalogs and to content developers wanting to integrate music video into their platforms.

MusicPeaks Logo

Origami XR

Erik Peterson, Founder

Mission: Origami XR is the critical enabling technology for the creation, distribution and delivery of movie-quality augmented and virtual reality content.

Origami XR enables 3D studios to design and deliver high-end augmented and virtual reality content. We are a cloud-based solution that allows anyone working with high-end offline renderers to quickly and easily create room-scale immersive experiences that can be viewed over WebXR. Our pre-rendered volumetric pathway allows for full animation and access to a light-field feature-set of visuals. Content can be delivered to any number of platforms including PC VR, standalone headsets, and mobile AR, revolutionizing the creation and distribution of immersive experiences while providing a shift in ROI for anyone looking to work in the space.

Origami XR Logo


Daniel Mathews, Co-founder
Melody Ma, Co-founder

Mission: To create a fun and positive online community of podcast lovers to share podcasts and connect with each other.

Podyssey is an online community where podcast lovers can discover and discuss their favourite podcasts. It is similar to Amazon’s Goodreads, a popular social network for book lovers, but creators can connect with a community of podcast listeners, and listeners can discover new podcasts and discuss them in the Podyssey Online Podcast Club.

Podyssey Logo

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