Alumni Spotlight: Jade Hassouné

Posted: Jun 6, 2023

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Multihyphenate and multi-talented artist Jade Hassouné has long dreamed of a career in entertainment – since his early childhood when his interest in acting inspired him to join a local theatre at the age of 10. Since then, Jade has committed himself to perfecting his craft by enrolling and graduating from the Musical Theatre programme at John Abbott College in 2008, and eventually landing a spot as a resident in the CBC Actors Conservatory in 2012. Jade’s resume includes an impressive range of work, including appearances on hit shows like Orphan Black and Shadowhunters, and his latest film Montréal Girls, which follows a young Middle Eastern poet who meets his cousin Tamer (played by Jade) who introduces him to the city’s vibrant underground subcultures and thrilling nightlife.

In addition to his acting chops, Jade is also a pop artist under the name J4DE. In 2019, J4DE released his EP Love Letter to a Fandom, which includes upbeat dance songs like “Insta Story,” “To the Next,” “Living Right Now” and “Human.” His latest single, Éphémère, is a French dance song that seamlessly brings together his dreamy vocals and an electronic tempo that is a must-have on your 2023 summer playlist! J4DE’s music is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

In the digital world, Jade has become an online sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers. Working as a Manifestation Coach, Jade provides aspiring actors with the tools and education to succeed in the competitive world of film and TV. Through his mentorship and professional acting workshops, Jade is guiding the next generation of actors to honour their unique talent and diverse voices and ultimately helping them realize their dreams.

We recently caught up with Jade to discuss his career journey, and to learn how the accomplished artist and Manifestation Coach is living his best life and helping others do the same. Read more in the spotlight below.

1. Take us to the very beginning. When did you know you wanted to be an artist and creator?

Hi! Thanks so much for this. I appreciate the honour and it’s very encouraging and welcomed at this time in my life! Alright let’s do it: When I was 10 years old, I walked on stage for the very first time, and I had a moment that I can only describe as a ‘heart opening’. In an instant, I had a vision of my future and I knew that this feeling was what I had to follow in order for it to take form. I have followed that feeling ever since. And it has led me to many of my dreams coming true. This is the feeling artists describe as the “flow state,” the feeling of ultimate connection to our creative source. This is what led me to the CFC also. Then I realized that that obsession with becoming an actor was more than just about my career but about my connection to my awareness of life and the world. And how to navigate it. A journey!!!

2. In addition to your career as a successful actor, you are also a pop artist under the name J4DE. What inspired your career in music?

I always wanted to be a singer, and I knew that through my acting career I was going to be able, at one point, to jump into the music industry. Music has always been a part of my life, with my mom playing piano for me since I was a baby. I wanted to wait to be in a position where I had a following who would join me on this journey and that’s what I did as soon as Shadowhunters was over. I knew that if I didn’t start to pursue this dream, I would regret it forever. It has been challenging as I went from being established in one industry to being a brand new baby artist in another industry that isn’t really deeply connected to the film and TV industry. I have accomplished a lot in a couple of years, with my music already playing on the radio (check out my fave French radio single “Éphémère,” obsessed) and being taken more seriously as a musician, but it did take time. I am proud of it! I still have a lot to do though!! I’m excited to release my newer things, I spent all year making new music.

3. How does making music differ from making movies /TV in terms of how it fulfills you as a creator? In other words, what separates Jade from J4DE?

I am able to express myself in my own words and be a version of myself that truly reflects who I am. When I’m playing in different TV series and films, I’m more of a channel for the story and the creators of the show, which I adore. And in music, I can explore and channel my own essence and higher expression. They both differ and blend in many ways. When I perform music, I am able to dance and sing and inspire and empower others in a different way, one that is purely mine and that exists in a different universe full of magic and fantasy. Music is vibration and we are vibrational beings, it is the closest form of art to our true nature. I love everything about it.

Cool/funny thing: in my latest movie Montreal Girls (which is having its cinematic debut right now, check out our review in the Los Angeles Times!!!), I play Tamer, a punk singer, and for the film I got to record the soundtrack by singing/screaming these punk songs. Such a cool experience. So music and acting blend in together. It’s the industries that are very different, I discovered kind of to my surprise.

It’s been a very interesting journey to learn all about it and to begin this new path.

4. In 2012, you completed the CBC Actors Conservatory at the CFC. Can you share some of your highlights during your time in residency?

Definitely working with all the mentors, with the biggest transformation that came from working with Cate Blanchett’s coach Lindy Davies. The CFC really infused me with a strong belief that I could really do this and make my life as a screen actor. I discovered more about myself, my resistances and fears, I learned about my bravery, and to trust the process. I’m still learning all of this [laughs]. Making strong friendships and connections and being immersed in this transformed me for the better and improved my self-confidence and self-love. It boosted my resilience and my commitment to my dream.

5. How has the CFC impacted your career to date? Do you have any advice for upcoming residents of our Actors Conservatory program or aspiring actors?

The biggest impact that stayed with me to this day is realizing that nobody has a formula for how to succeed in this industry. We had months of mentors who had won Oscars, who had worked with mega superstars, entertainment lawyers to Hollywood icons, all telling us that you have to carve your own way. That nobody really knows how it all works, and everyone is just figuring it out as they go. And so it really showed me that the only way for my dream to come true was for me to create/manifest my dream into reality.

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6. Speaking of acting advice, you have been a source of support and a mentor for aspiring professional actors by hosting workshops and sharing tips on social media. What inspired you to embark on a career as a Manifestation Coach?

It has been my obsession to uncover the secret to success as an actor. And I have come to the conclusion that the only way to succeed is to believe in the not yet seen. To have true faith, and to take action in alignment with your vision. I was determined to discover why certain actors work, and others don’t. It doesn’t have to do with talent, because talent abounds. It doesn’t have to do with education either because I’ve worked with many who had completely different careers before being actors who had never studied and yet we were both working on big Netflix shows. So, what is it? Belief in your dream. And then following your intuition and taking action towards its manifestation. I have been wanting to make an impact with my social media, and to help others by inspiring them to follow their dream. The last three years of lockdowns led me down a path of hiring my own life coaches who helped me create my own coaching program. And it has been quite a transformational journey for me. I am still in the midst of my first round of teaching my program and I’m eager to see where it all goes.

7. What have you been manifesting lately?

My music career, as it is my newest dream. None of this is easy and I do have moments of freak outs and doubting my ability to manifest my own dreams, which is normal as I begin to coach others to do the same. So at this moment, what I desire is becoming the version of myself who feels satisfied and stable and the best version of myself so that I can continue to flow with more ease into the realization of all of my dreams. I see myself touring the world doing music festivals. And as I am relatively new in the music business, it is where I have the most work to do! Also manifesting a financial stability and a wealth/abundance mindset/ consciousness that can support me for the rest of my life.

8. June marks the start of Pride Season! How are you celebrating?

I am happy to be performing at a Pride event in a couple of weeks here in Montreal. It is part of my music dream taking form. Otherwise I have been part of some pride campaigns for clothing brands and some podcasts. And the rest will be a mix of celebrating life, and creating content that uplifts everyone to be who they are to the fullest!

9. You have been in the arts since the age of 10, can you share your thoughts on some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the screen industry and what changes you would like to see next? 

No doubt that stories are starting to reflect the true reality of our world and I’m proud to see it. Whether it’s a multicultural cast or having characters of all types of gender identities / sexualities just being parts of the story without the story revolving around the fact that they are “different”. I think the more normalized it is the better. Every society is full of different people and backgrounds who co-exist and the more we see that on the screen the more we can uplift all of humanity as the beautiful kaleidoscope that it truly is.

10. What’s next for you?

My latest release movie Montreal Girls is out in the cinemas in the U.S. and Canada starting this month. I just came back from LA for our cinematic premiere, where we got a great review in the Los Angeles Times and we have 100% Tomatometer on Like whaaaat. So cool. This has been an 8-year journey from casting to release, so I’m so excited to share it with the world and have a great experience like this. The Canadian Montreal Premiere is this Friday (June 9th). I’m looking forward to this one. This role is one of my proudest yet. It is really fun to see the movie being celebrated.

I’ve also been cast in a new series called SORCIÈRES on the Quebec network TVA. Some months I still tour Europe to meet the fans of Shadowhunters at different conventions and Comic-Con (I’m to be in Milan this July and at German Comic-Con next December if anyone wants to hangout). I have a few movie roles in the making, and I am continuing to build my music career. I’m also going to re-launch my online program “Become A Professional Actor,” where I teach people how to manifest an acting career and how to develop a supportive mindset for success in this challenging Industry. The rest is still in the unknown and I am sure it is filled with even more fun, fulfilling experiences and success. Thank you so much!

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