CFC Celebrates Latest Cohorts of Creative Talent with Back-to-Back Industry Showcases

Posted: Jan 31, 2023

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On January 24 and 25th 2023, we hosted our annual industry showcases to celebrate the latest cohorts of talent who completed our screen-based programs. Loads of Canadian creatives and industry professionals joined us for two back-to-back talent-packed evenings at TIFF Bell Lightbox, where they got a first look and listen at the work that residents of the 2022 Norman Jewison Film Program, 2021/22 CBC Actors Conservatory, 2021/22 Slaight Family Music Lab and 2022 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program created throughout their residencies at the CFC. 

Our now alumni lit up the big screen with their bright talent, bold voices and compelling stories, delivering a truly entertaining 90+ minute lineup of original content each night. Overall, 29 different pieces were showcased, and you can take a peek at those pieces in the links below.

CFC’s Executive Lead, Creative Impact and Revenue, E.J. Alon, kicked off night one of our industry showcases, which celebrated the 19 incredible storytellers who completed the 2022 Norman Jewison Film Program: Andrew Hamilton, Bea Santos, Erica Orofino, Mehrtash Mohit, Lu Asfaha from the Directors’ Lab; Brett Caron, Brishkay Ahmed, Justin Neal, Christine Rodriguez and Mazin Elsadig from the Writers’ Lab; Amy Trefry, Bonnie Do, Fonna Seidu, Farhad Pakdel and Claire Desmarais from the Producers’ Lab; and Rémy Huberdeau, Anna Catley, Josh Aries and Carroll Chiramel from the Editors’ Lab. “We’re all here because of you. You fuel this industry with your talent, your stories, and your passion,” shared E.J. 

This showcase featured ‘writers in development pieces,’ produced pieces of work showcasing the writers’ original features, as well as five short films that were developed by the directors in the Norman Jewison Film Program (stay tuned for more info on these shorts throughout the year as they make their festival debuts!). All of these pieces were edited by the four talented Editors Lab residents.

“The produced pieces that we’re screening this evening reflect a real range of stories and styles and perspectives,” added  Kathryn Emslie, CFC’s Executive Lead of Programs. “They also reflect a highly collaborative process and the talent and vision of not only the Writers’ Lab and Directors’ Lab residents, but also of some of the Producers’ Lab residents, and all four editors.”

Take a peek at some of the content created and screened at the Norman Jewison Film Program Industry Showcase here:

maxine bailey, our executive director at the CFC, led us into night two of our showcases – a mega talent showcase of all of the residents of our 2021/22 CBC Actors Conservatory, 2021/22 Slaight Music Residency and 2022 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program. “We’re honoured that these creators chose to attend our organization as part of their storytelling journey, and we’re proud to call them part of the CFC family,” shared maxine. 

“Tonight, while we are showcasing three distinctly different programs, they do share five things in common,” added Kathryn. “They all involve fantastic original talent in front of and behind the camera; they offer us a range of entertaining, moving and compelling content; they reflect collaborations across many programs in many disciplines; all of them involve original music created by the CFC slate music talent; and all are but a glimpse into the remarkable talent and the exciting potential of these creators.”

Aubrey McGhee, Kaïa Kater, Kalaisan Kalaichelvan, Scott Hardwood, Alexandra Petkovski and Deanna H. Choi – now alumni of The Slaight Music Residency – gave us a first look at and listen to their original musically-driven pieces. Watch them here:

The talented 2021-22 Actors Conservatory residents – Blessing Adedijo, Chritef Desir, Janet-Rose Nguyen, Izad Etemadi, Katherine Fogler, Leighton Williams and Zara Jestadt – showcased their range, depth and talent through their character-driven pieces following original characters they created. Take a look at them here:

And our exciting 2022 TV writers Abdul Malik, Emma Malm, Clint Murphy, Rebecca Grenier, Helmann Wilhelm and Svetlana Jaklenec, alumni of our Bell Media Prime Time TV Program, showcased teasers of their original TV series concepts. Check them out here:


As a charitable cultural organization, we are transformed through our donors, sponsors, and supporters. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following supporters and partners for their support of these programs, and for investing in the next generation of homegrown talent in front of and behind the camera:

Norman Jewison Film Program 

Lead Supporters: RBC Emerging Artists, Telefilm Canada

Program Partners: The Paul Bronfman Family Foundation, The Norman & Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation, The Government of Ontario

The Slaight Family Music Lab 

Lead Supporter: The Slaight Family Foundation 

Program Partner: The Government of Ontario

CBC Actors Conservatory 

Lead Supporter: CBC 

Program Partners: RBC Emerging Artists, the Government of Ontario

Bell Media Prime Time TV Program 

Lead Supporter: Bell Media

Program Partner: The Government of Ontario

These produced showcases would not exist if not for the incredible support of our lead supporters and program partners, our amazing production and post houses and their teams, and the hundreds of industry mentors and guests who we work with. THANK YOU for being passionate about original voices and investing in the creative leaders of tomorrow.

A special thank you to all program mentors, guests for sharing their time, insights and expertise with our residents, and to: William F. White International, Company 3, Formosa Group, Sim International, Rocket Science VFX, Eggplant Picture & Sound, Rolling Pictures, WANTED Sound & Picture, Post City Picture & Sound, REDLAB, KEY Art & Design, Eastern Script Inc., and the Screen Composers Guild of Canada.

All original music in the showcase pieces is supported through the CFC / Slaight Family Canadian Music Fund.

And a huge THANK YOU to the hundreds of production volunteers who are our cast and crews on these productions, who help us bring these stories to life.

For more information about these CFC alumni, their body of work and their Showcases, please check out the links below.

2021-22 CBC Actors Conservatory Digital Brochure

2022 Norman Jewison Film Program Digital Brochure

2021-22 Slaight Family Music Lab Digital Brochure

2022 Bell Media Prime Time TV Program Digital Brochure

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