​SmartTones Media

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SmartTones Media is increasing ad effectiveness through audience engagement and consumer responses. Combining the reach of broadcast with the metrics of digital, entertaining experiences are delivered from content (TV, film, radio and live events) directly to mobile devices. SmartTones Media helps companies engage with their audience by triggering immersive experiences, including AR and VR, as well as interactive storytelling and e-commerce. Using silent sound codes embedded in content to trigger mobile calls to action, SmartTones track audiences’ user responses and consumer demographics with SmartData in real time across all media.

Team Members

Daryl Hemingway - Founder& CEO

Alex Panousis - Executive Advisor

Michael Ross - VP of Business Development

James Mifsud - Director of Brand Experiences

Brigitte LoCicero - Digital Media Director 


Product Description

SmartTones connect media content from any audio source to mobile devices. Our technology uses the fastest synchronization speed in the market, making it incredibly efficient to time-sync your content and deliver context-driven calls to action. SmartTones immerse people in entertaining experiences they actually want to participate in, engage with and share.

  • Capture and monitor data in real-time with a comprehensive executive dashboard
  • Integrate into your existing app to enhance your brand and increase users
  • Maintain and protect your privacy

Press, Awards & Achievements:

  • Canada Media Fund award – Experimental Marketing Fund
  • Ryerson DMZ acceptance in January 2017 (9% acceptance rate)
  • Paypal Startup Pitch Contest at DX3 winner
  • BNN’s Disruptor of the Week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ9tWzUnwW8
  • Ryerson Futures Accelerator acceptance in June 2017 (1% acceptance rate)
  • Videotron Open Skies Smart City award at StartupFest Montreal in July 2017