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Operating across the verticals of VR, AR, robotics and drones,BreqLabs uses ultrasound to track objects in 3D space with sub-millimeter accuracy. The proprietary solution provides a 10-15x cost advantage over competing tracking technologies, with no mass-production risk for partners. Currently being integrated into leading enterprise AR headsets, BreqLabs is in the final rounds of evaluation with smartphone OEMs to create branded VR headsets. 

Team Members

Martin Labrecque - CEO/CTO
John Cappuccitti - COO


Product Description: 

BreqLabs is creating the world's most affordable mobile VR headset, which will feature both Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) head and hand tracking. The headset will enable users to enjoy completely untethered access to VR experiences without the steep costs surrounding traditional VR hardware. Furthermore, users will be able to upgrade their headsets at any time, which eliminates the fear of ownership surrounding quickly-advancing hardware technology. 

Press, Awards and Achievements:

  • HTC Vive X
  • Ryerson Pitch2Product winner