Tablerock Media

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We are a next-generation media company that reflects our own passion for things you love – premium content, shared experiences, and connections with people who enjoy what you rev, crank or tune up and collect.

With 30 years in digital media and television industries, we have earned a reputation for being ahead of the curve in engaging audiences, creating content and innovating distribution. At TableRock, we produce ecosystems in which the passions of niche audiences guide media experiences. 

Team Members

Jeffrey Elliott - Co-Founder & CEO 

Joesph Arcuri - Co-Founder

Sam Punnett - Research & Strategy


TableRock Media is a curated collection of niche channels featuring original documentaries, films and hosted series. We present magazines, blogs and forums that bring communities together to share ideas, experiences and groundbreaking events. Watch, read and connect with global communities of like-minded people who share your passions.