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Nanoleaf, a green technology company, changes the world with lighting solutions that are smarter by design. It infuses artistic and technological innovation to reimagine the role that lighting plays in people’s lives.

Founded in 2012 by three engineers, the company now has offices in Toronto and Shenzhen, Hong Kong. Made up of a diverse team of passionate out-of-the-box problem-solvers, Nanoleaf transforms illumination and reshapes how we light up our world.

Team Members

Gimmy Chu - CEO

Tom Rodinger - CTO

Christian Yan - COO


Product Description: 

The Nanoleaf Aurora – smart and stylish triangular lighting panels that light up your life, your way.

Let the Aurora’s modular light panels bathe you in 16.4 million hues and recreate the perfect white light you love – sunrise, rainy day, brilliant daytime or anything else on the spectrum. It’s the perfect lighting product for those who love design and the improved quality of life that comes from more fun and excitement in their living spaces.