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At a time when audience expression has never been more crucial, the relationship between media and their audiences is suffering. The main means of direct engagement for media audiences – written comments – is troll-filled and offers low user value. Users are tuning out and media are looking for answers. Through GoodTalk’s video comment engagement tool, we offer users something more meaningful, emphasizing recognition and civility. And for media clients, GoodTalk provides a low-lift, low-cost way to increase audience engagement across platforms.

Team Members

Jeremy Waiser - Founder


Product Description:

GoodTalk creates a new link between media outlets and their audiences through a compelling video comment engagement tool. Our value is captured in three main actions points – Watch, Create, Be Seen: users can watch what people are saying about featured stories on top news sites, have their own say, and get featured across platforms. GoodTalk does this by providing a low-lift, low-cost package that lets media invite audiences to weigh in on featured stories through short video comments. All comments are vetted before going live, letting users engage without worrying about trolling and uncivil comments. And they themselves determine the top comments. Seeing others weighing in and getting featured across platforms, including TV, encourages more users to want to have their say. That’s the virtuous cycle we provide for our clients and their audiences.