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Introduced in 2013, SubPac produces a wearable sound system that features tactile audio technology. It unlocks the power of sound by optimizing the physical experience of sound. Users feel and do more with music, games, VR and film, all of which are powerfully augmented by SubPac’s enhanced sound waves pulsing through the user’s body. This revolutionary new sensory experience empowers gamers to perform better, pro athletes to train harder, and music lovers to deepen their connection to the tracks they love.

Already in use by world-class DJ's, musicians, gamers, virtual reality developers and film aficionados, SubPac heightens a level of awareness, impact and immersion in the user. Company partners include music super-producer Timbaland, NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony, and Google tech legend Andy Rubin. Fast Company named it one of the “Most Innovative Companies in the World 2016,” noting that it has “kicked off a revolution in physical audio by enabling experiential sound to improve all forms of entertainment – not only music, but also video games, virtual reality experiences, cinemas, automobiles.”

Team Members

Taymoore Balbaa - Strategic Development (East Coast)


Product Description:

The wearable SubPac M2 Physical Sound System projects low frequencies into the body, providing total and mobile sonic immersion. Music drives energy into workouts and games, makes VR explode with life, and renders movies more powerful than ever before.

By enhancing the low frequencies of any audio source, SubPac brings you closer to what you love, even while out and about. Next-level technology means your SubPac will sound and feel beautiful for years to come, even with active use. SubPac M2 is the evolution of mobile, wearable Physical Sound. Once you feel it, you won’t want to live without it.