LENS Immersive

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LENS Immersive believes in quality, engaging, immersive storytelling paired with the world's most advanced streaming technology to seamlessly deliver these stories to market.

Founded in 2015, LENS is a virtual reality platform and content creation house, with its own unique compression codec technology to provide and produce pre-recorded/live virtual reality video content.

LENS has an established team with experience in visual effects, technology, motion picture production, and experimental fine arts. In the 18 months since founding, they have built a streaming infrastructure and VR distribution platform.

LENS is committed to bringing immersive storytelling to a whole new light.

Team Members

Yan Chen - Co-founder, CEO and Director of Technology

Travis Rice - Co-founder, Chief Content Officer

David Fedirchuk - Head of Business Development


Product Description:

LENS Immersive has developed, TORII - its own unique codec that can provide higher resolution streaming at double the speed, a quarter of the cost and fully supports 4K+ video. Episode 1 of Remember, LENS’ flagship VR sci-fi series, has just been released.