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Named a "Top 10 Startup in AdTech," Blockthrough helps online publishers recover the revenue they're losing to adblockers.

20-30% of the Internet runs an adblocker today (over 80% of traffic for some websites), and publishers have no reliable way to monetize their adblocked traffic. Yet most adblock users are willing to see ads, so long as they load fast, don't have malware, and don't disrupt their experience.

Blockthrough allows publishers to monetize their adblocking users, making ads undetectable to adblockers, while providing users with a better advertising experience.

Team Members

Martin Kratky-Katz - CEO

Julian Mossanen - CRO

Chris Pyper - CTO



Blockthrough's patent-pending Accelerated Ad Reinsertion technology delivers ads in a way that makes them indistinguishable from the publisher's own content, while solving the key UX issues that drive users to block ads, including:

  • Disruptive ad experiences (pop-ups, unskippable pre-roll videos)
  • Slow ad load times
  • Risk of malware
  • Privacy concerns