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Team Members

Adeel Zaman - Founder, CTO

Marylin Ma - Co-Founder, CEO 


Navi Inc. is the world’s first platform-agnostic, context-sensitive smart feed that empowers publishers to engage, retain, and monetize their mobile readers. Navi uses state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to auto-curate a smart feed of insights, social posts, articles, videos, or contextual commerce related to the content in view. The smart feed overlay is activated when a reader taps on the Navi hover icon. Readers can enjoy an engaging and rich content discovery experience, and be empowered to consume more of the publisher’s content, without ever leaving the publisher’s website. Navi is deeply passionate about creating exceptional experiences for the readers, thus building trust and long-term value for the publisher, versus the current trend of click-bait to maximize ad revenues. The company, founded in January 2016, is currently in private beta, and is based in Waterloo, Canada.