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ivvi’s predictive insights enables top brands to identify rising stars, while optimizing budgets to extend campaign success. ivvi strategizes with leading companies such as Universal Studios, Samsung, Musical.ly, Live.me, Sid Lee and more, through leading predictive analytics technology. 

Team Members

Taylor Klick - CEO


Product Description: ivvi 

The first of its kind, ivvi is a new entertainment tool that does the filtering for you so that you get only the best trending videos out there and share them with your friends. Not only can you watch great videos on the go, but you can save them to your ‘watchlists’ for viewing and sharing. 

ivvi’s aim is to scour, sort and curate the very best, top trending internet videos and conveniently deliver them to user's mobile devices. This allows ivvi users to stay on top of what is culturally and socially relevant. The app allows users to curate personalized watchlists, as well as share videos their favourite videos with their friends.

ivvi, is the first video discovery tool sourcing, sorting & sharing as a full video social network. Think Imgur for video.