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Toronto-based Piglion Studio, developers of such intellectual properties as Coin and Flour, Jet Loaf and Silent Destiny, was merged in the spring of 2014 with assets from Skunkworks International to create a new studio called AnimangaPLUS. The new studio focuses on apps in the animated comic space and partners with producers globally to create new content for licensed brands.

Team Members

Melch Valimento


Product Description: AnimangaPlus

AnimanagaPLUS is a premium producer of animated mangas and comics. The company not only produces their own high quality designs, but also operates, which allows for the collectability of designs and the upload of new designs by emerging artists. Anyone can build their own collection of comics and store them in their 'stack' just as collectors would have with old-school paper designs. The previous Motion Panels+ product has been rebranded since the buyout, and we now focus on the building of our library of animated comics dubbed ‘Animanga’, which are sold through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store.