The Green Line


The Green Line is a new local outlet that investigates the way we live to produce journalism that helps young Torontonians survive and thrive in a rapidly changing city. It's a resource that helps gen Zs and millennials take action on issues that matter to them and their communities.

By investigating the way we live, The Green Line gets to the root of the issues that impact Torontonians the most. We collaborate with journalists and creators from the communities we serve to report on local solutions that target the sources — not the symptoms — of the biggest problems facing our city. Toronto has a layered history and lots of collective knowledge; that’s why we meet locals in the digital and physical spaces they already inhabit to surface stories that actually matter to them. Our goal? To redefine the city’s identity by centring the people and places that are the driving force behind Toronto’s culture and sense of community.

Through humor and how-to journalism, we encourage locals to invest in Toronto’s future by breaking down complex stories in a relatable way. Through in-depth reporting, we equip Torontonians to take action on the issues they learn about in The Green Line.

Team Members

Anita Li - Founder and Editor-in-Chief


The Green Line meets young Torontonians where they are by tailoring our story formats to their consumption habits and platform preferences. For example, we create multimedia “articles” tailored to Instagram that feature high-quality photography, video clips, audio clips and bullet points that summarize the story. We also produce comedic commentary and op-eds, as well as behind-the-scenes content tailored to TikTok. In addition, as of January 2022, The Green Line will publish long-form, investigative journalism that reports on systemic problems in Toronto from a solutions-oriented perspective.

We also created an “attention funnel,” which includes tiers of journalism that each attract audiences at different levels (from lighter to deeper engagement with a given topic/issue). Because our goal is to fill in gaps in mainstream coverage, on a daily basis, The Green Line editorial team will create comedy, service and original journalism that connects to a major breaking story covered by major Toronto-based news outlets. On a monthly basis, the team will produce a long-form piece of journalism that tackles a systemic issue facing Torontonians.

  • Comedy/Op-eds/Behind-the-scenes: Satirical and humorous non-journalism content that comments on the struggles facing young Torontonians and the city's underrepresented communities.
  • Service: How-to journalism that helps people navigate their lives in Toronto.
  • Original: The Green Line angle on a major story of the day facing young Torontonians and underrepresented communities.
  • In-depth: Investigative and longform stories that surface solutions to systemic problems in Toronto.

Here are our desired impact goals:

  • Community-driven journalism to surface stories that matter to and reflect our audiences.
  • Service journalism that connects our audiences to the knowledge and skills that'll help them navigate Toronto life.
  • Online and in-person audience engagement to collect ongoing feedback about our stories.
  • Solutions-oriented journalism that encourages Torontonians to take action on the city's problems.

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Journalism + Design guest speaker, The New School: A University in New York City, Sept. 23, 2021 (upcoming)