​Design Off The Boat

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Design Off The Boat is an All-Women Product Design Crew for All Women Founders. We work with social entrepreneurs with the goal of accelerating the time-to-impact of tech solutions for social enterprises. We democratize tech to make the most of step one by building smarter with Design Thinking, faster with Design Sprints, and better with No-Code.

Team Members

Sisa Lleses - Product Designer

Asia Noble - Director of Operations


Product Design Sprints for Social Impact Tech Built with No-Code

We democratize tech to make the most of step one. We minimize the risk of investing in custom traditional development for a product that has not been tested in the market. We help you navigate through the design and technical barriers, equipping you with everything you need to get started on your journey as a founder – hopefully one that is working towards creating more good in the world. Working with us looks like: a few hours on Design thinking, one week rapid prototyping & testing with Design Sprints, and just a few weeks of building to launch without hiring an expensive software development team for an idea that you’re haven’t proven to work yet but we’ve been able to launch in less time!

Press, Awards & Achievements: